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Headquarters of Edel AG on the New Kunst-Campus in Berlin by Barcode Architects and Habiter Autrement

Edel AG Barcode

Project: Headquarters of Edel AG on the New Kunst-Campus
Designed by Barcode Architects and  Habiter Autrement 
Client: Edel AG
Area: 6 000 m2
Location: Berlin, Germany
Impressive competition entry for the design of Headquarters of Edel AG building located on the New Kunst-Campus coming from Barcode Architects. Discover more of their design as well as the architects' description after the jump:

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From the Architects:


Barcode Architects & Habiter Autrement presented last week their competition entry for the new multi-functional headquarter of EDEL AG in Berlin.

The 7-storey building is located on the Spandaur Schiffahrts Kanal and will be in the future together with the opposite museum of modern art "Hamburger Bahnhof" and the "Flick Art collection” an important link in the development of the Berlin KunstCampus. The project contains a strong mix of program with public functions as an art gallery, café, bookshop and auditorium, versus private functions as the 3000m2 offices for Edel AG and the exclusive penthouses. The diversity of the program is by the architects translated in three different volumes which are vertically stacked on top of one another. The expressions of these three volumes are related, but adapted to the separate functions of the different parts.

The lower volume makes a strong interaction with the public space and builds on the potentials of KunstCampus and the promenade along the canal, creating a design that is inviting and proclaims the communication with its surroundings. The enclosed central volume of the art gallery is flanked by two double high spaces hosting the cafe, the bookshop, the auditorium and the office lobby.
The flexible and functional office spaces for EDEL are situated over 3 floors in the mid volume. The volume on top, delivers the building with its unique exclusivity. The lower of the 2 levels takes full advantage of the riverside location, with expansive balconies on both sides. This floor aims to become the social focus point of the new HQ of EDEL AG, it creates space for new ways of working and open communication in a relaxing, green and stimulating environment. The last level of the upper volume is foreseen to accommodate the penthouse, privately set back a top.

Barcode Architects: The design is a unique addition to the KunstCampus and a modern reinterpretation of the Berlin block with its typical ‘Lochafassade’. The simple but expressive ‘erscheinungsbild’ strengthens the identity of the EDEL AG being solid and at the same time innovative company with a strong contemporary ‘Unternehmingskultur’.

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