AMO Show Space for MIU MIU FW17.18 Runway

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, the research, branding and publication studio of the architectural practice OMA, did the Show Space design for MIU MIU’s Fall Winter 2017.18 runway show in August Perret’s Palais d’Iéna in Paris.

For the Fall/Winter 2017 Miu Miu fashion show, AMO wraps the main architectural elements of August Perret’s Palais d’Iéna in Paris in purple eco-fur as an antidote to the otherwise rigorous architecture. The show begins with an ironic reinterpretation of the monumental staircase in the ‘salle hypostyle’ whose details, from handrail to columns and stairs, are accentuated by an elegant layer of eco-fur. A series of soft benches are arranged along the perimeter freeing the central nave whilst generating a new sense of solemnity. The show unfolds between the rough concrete and the fuzzy additions while the proportions of the room are augmented by the insertion of a sequence of mirrors. The design of The Soft Enfilade challenges a spatial organization that subverts the everyday hierarchy of the Palais.  – from AMO

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Images courtesy of Miu Miu

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