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  • Shenzhen Bay Super City by UA Studio 7

    UA Studio 7 has a new project developed for the Shenzhen Bay Super City competition – “1” represents the whole, the unified manifestation of the separate “3’s”. By putting together 3 distinctive processes and functions, 1 stronger and efficient complex can be achieved. With this design the architects are trying to illustrate that they can create a unified compound. […] More

  • Fushun Tower by UA Studio 7

    The Fushun Tower is work of  UA Studio 7 practice and it is located in Fushun and Shenyang junction area – Shen-Fu new town core, Fushun Economic Development Zone, on the northern end of the axis pointing to the core area, and the intersection of the Riverfront Development zone. The project as a modern high-rise mixed use […] More

  • Tangram pavilion No.1 – Mao Zhuang South Club by UA Studio 7

    UA Studio 7's architects propose a design for the Tangram pavilion No.1 – Mao Zhuang South Club in HeNan, China. The design for the tangram is an assemblage puzzle consisting of seven flat pieces, called tans, which are put together to form various shapes. More

  • New XIUYI Kindergarten Proposal by UA Studio 7

    The always innovative UA Studio 7 shares with us their proposal design, for the New XIUYI Kindergarten solution located in Kunshan, China. More images and architects’ description after the break. More