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KYOTOMOJI by Maison Wasabi


Your new companion to store all your valuables and to keep you organized. A box designed & crafted for your everyday life.

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KYOTOMOJI Box is a stylish and functional storage box designed by Maison Wasabi. that can be used anywhere on a daily basis. It’s the perfect storage solution for men, women, and children’s personal belongings, but can be used to for kitchen and office items as well. It’s perfect for any desktop with a special built-in cable manager so charging cables never get lost or tangled. Each handmade box is made to last and constructed from 100 percent sustainably, responsibly grown, and locally sourced bamboo, which is naturally water-resistant and easy to clean. This timeless piece can be customized to fit anyone’s personal style and is a simple way to save time and avoid stress by staying organized.

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