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  • Hide & Seek Lamps by Félicie Eymard

    Designed by Félicie Eymard , the ‘Hide and Seek’ lamps aim to be invisible when they are not in function, but suddenly light up and have a strong presence when they are used. The effect of the light generates the lamp. The user can change the intensity and really interact with the lamp by moving […] More

  • Perch Light Series by Umut Yamac

    London-based architect and designer Umut Yamac’s Perch designed this inspiring Light series like carefully folded pieces of origami art that invite viewers to touch them. The simplicity of the life-size “paper” bird sculptures are, in Yamac’s own words, poetry. Turn the lights down low and watch the birds glow from the inside out. This is […] More

  • Light Sculptures by SplitGrain

    Paul Foeckler, the head designer and founder of online shop Split Grain, was inspired by the inherent beauty of foraged firewood for his impressive Light Structure collection. He began experimenting with different cuts to the exterior textures and shapes of firewood he found in California forests, and soon found that “different splitting techniques followed by […] More

  • Crystal Rock Lights by Arik Levy for Lasvit

    Arik Levy designed these inspiring cut glass pendant lamps that look like faceted gemstones for Lasvit. The Crystal Rock lights are a collection of roughly sculpted, but precisely cut fixtures that almost look like a non-moving shooting star. Take a look at more images below. More

  • Arbor Lights by Not a Number Architects

    Arbor Lights is a spatial installation designed for the occasion of Milan design week 2016 and located at Bulgari Gardens, one of the very few green spots in the old city centre. The installation plays with the architectural notions of complexity through symmetry and spatial fluidity through repetition. The scale of this folly, dictated also […] More

  • New Lighting Collections by Christopher Moulder

    Atlanta-based artist and lighting designer Christopher Moulder presented his new lighting collections named The Forest and The Royals. The designer merges lighting and art by making sculptural forms that produce interesting shadow effects. See more after the jump: More

  • Great Ideas for Home Outdoor Lighting

    There are few things that change the feel of a room or space more drastically than lighting, and while people often spend a lot of time considering the different types of interior options, when it comes to outdoor lighting people all too often just throw-up some type of spotlight or timed lamp without giving it […] More

  • LA Home by Interior Designer Amber Lewis

    Interior Designer Amber Lewis in charge of the Amber Interiors makes the best of a lavish LA Home shaping at the same time modern and comfortable living space. The home belonging to fashion trend forecaster Susan Anderson and her husband Timmy who is a musical producer at Capitol Records, beautifully reflects the sentiment of their personalities. […] More

  • Home of Patrizia Moroso by Designer Patricia Urquiola

    You might already know creative director Patrizia Moroso from her famed company Moroso – a design hub and furniture retailer.  Patrizia today sells the furniture of some of the most creative contemporary furniture designers one of them is Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola who helped Patrizia shape the interior of her lovely home. The end result was […] More

  • CROSS STREET Apartment in Sydney by C+M Studio

    CROSS STREET Apartment in Sydney comes as a project by the talented creatives at C+M Studio created in collaboration with local designers, artists, and retailers. The C+M Studio has taken this empty apartment up for sale and filled it up with beautifully designed furniture pieces. While the whole apartment was for sale, so was the arranged […] More


    Drawing architectural inspiration from the bright geometric exteriors of Brazilian favela housing and illuminated by strips of vibrant multicolour LED lighting, Samba Swirl’s Camden Town store leads the innovative frozen yogurt chain’s striking re-brand. More

  • FENDI Casa Contemporary Collection

    House of Fendi is one of the oldest known Italian fashion houses, in addition to its very successful womenswear line (designed by fashion designer Karl Lagerfed) it is also known for its coveted furniture series. Luxury is the main ingredient of a Fendi design, the same applies for clothes as well as furniture pieces. The latest Fendi […] More

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