Key Facilities Every Luxury Garden Needs

Here are some of the main facilities that most luxury homeowners expect and how you can integrate them into your high-end garden design.

Photography by © Charis Solomou

The luxury property market is a hot topic right now, with sales reducing by 18%. However, prices are still rising, and demand is set to return.

Thanks to these challenges, luxury property developers have to work harder than ever before to get their properties noticed by potential buyers.

One key factor that has taken become important to home buyers since the pandemic is outdoor living, with many individuals now eager to spend more time in a carefully-cultivated and well-designed yard.

Therefore, if you’re looking to set your luxury property project apart from the rest and attract the highest possible standard of buyers, then you need to make sure that your offering includes a stunning outdoor space.

This area needs to be not only beautifully landscaped but also designed to facilitate fun outdoor activities.

That’s why you need to consider the outdoor facilities, furnishings and equipment that you need to craft the perfect luxurious outdoor space.

Here are some of the main facilities that most luxury homeowners expect and how you can integrate them into your high-end garden design.

Photography by © Charis Solomou

An Outdoor Dining Area

For anyone who loves to entertain, an outdoor dining area is essential. When designing an outdoor dining space, you need to make sure that you choose an area with adequate natural light and with some shelter from the elements. You also need to make sure that you fit out your outdoor dining area with the cooking and dining facilities. Choose high-end equipment that will create delicious meals, such as the Ooni Karu wood-fired pizza oven. These innovative ovens combine the power of a large pizza oven with the flexibility of a portable option, so you can relocate it if the weather changes or the garden is large. With items such as this, you can showcase your dedication to luxury and offer potential buyers the chance to see the full potential in your property’s outdoor space.

Bold Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days of beaming motion-sensor-powered security lights. Today, homeowners expect luxurious, Instagram-worthy set-ups complete with old-fashioned bulbs and colorful light displays. So, when you’re designing an outdoor space for a luxury property, explore the trendy lighting options available and find ones that will suit your creation. Outdoor lighting might seem like a small consideration, but it can make or break a luxury garden design. Also, lighting is practical, as homeowners will need it if they want to spend time outdoors in the late afternoon or early evening. With the right lighting, you can showcase your luxury garden design at its full potential.

A Pool Or Hot Tub

A private outdoor pool is the pinnacle of luxury, so it’s important that you try to incorporate one into every high-end home you design. A full-sized outdoor pool can take up a lot of space and have high upkeep costs, so a great alternative might be a smaller pool or a hot tub. Hot tubs are a great alternative to pools, as they create a luxurious experience in a small, self-contained unit. While you can’t swim in a hot tub, you can relax and unwind, making these solutions ideal for smaller properties or even blocks of apartments with balconies. If you are determined to offer buyers a pool, then consider adding extras such as a mosaic base or a diving board to make your pool stand out from the rest and really highlight the fun that homeowners could have if they chose this property with this incredible outdoor pool.

The Garden House in the City by Christos Pavlou Architecture
Photography by © Charis Solomou

Exotic Plants

During the pandemic plant sales soared, with many homeowners particularly eager to get their hands on rare and exotic species to enhance their collections. Today, the trend shows little sign of slowing down, with many homeowners still keen to showcase their love of nature by introducing rare and beautiful plants into their gardens and homes. Exotic plants evoke feelings of luxury and sophistication, so they could be the ideal addition to your luxury garden space. Choose exotic plants that will work well in the soil of your land, or keep them in pots and planters. If your collection of luxury plants includes species that don’t suit the local climate, then you might want to keep them in a hothouse. This handy garden structure will make your collection stand out from the rest and will also make for a useful place to store small garden tools. As such, it’s a great solution for a range of homeowners who are looking for a luxury property with both finesse and utility.

Designing a luxury property that stands out and meets the needs of today’s homeowners can be a challenge, but there are many ways you can adapt to current market trends and ensure your home stands apart. Use this list to find the luxury outdoor facilities high-end homeowners expect today, so that you can make your property as desirable as possible.

Images from The Garden House in the City by Christos Pavlou Architecture – See the full story here


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