Key Benefits Of Using Primo Grills Over Metallic Grills

This article outlines the primary advantages of using Primo grills over metallic grills

Primo delivers patented oval-size BBQ grills that make the grill more effective. The design allows you to cook different items by controlling the temperature and position of the charcoal. It is also known for its “two-zone cooking” by using heat directly and indirectly. Moreover, they are also long-lasting and quite easy to master.

This article pens down the key benefits of using Primo grills over metallic grills.

Easy to Use

The prime benefit of using Primo grills is that it takes only about 15 minutes to obtain an optimum cooking temperature. To do this, all you need to do is light a primo blaze lighter and put it to your lump of natural charcoal. It is to remember that you should never use lighter fluids with the Primo BBQ.

Easy to Switch off

Turning off a Primo Grill is as easy as turning off a television. All you need to do is shut down the airflow, and the fire will automatically suffocate itself. Surprisingly, the charcoal can be reused again for your next mouth-watering BBQ. Natural lump charcoal requires far less upkeep for your barbecue since it creates substantially less ash than briquettes. Therefore it is suggested to use lumps of natural charcoal only.

Easy to Clean

The heat from your Primo will burn any grease accumulation, just like a self-cleaning oven does. Cleaning the Primo’s exterior is possible using a wet cloth.

Compatible Size

Primo grills are meant for grillers. They are mainly used for cooking for a larger number of people. Interestingly, the smallest grill can cook up to 15 streaks in one go. The larger ones can easily accommodate up to 25 streaks in one go.

Premium Ceramic Construction

The core of the Primo grill BBQ is made up of premium quality ceramics. The ceramic shell of the Primo grill functions as an insulator, enabling food to cook slowly while preserving its moisture and taste, in contrast to standard metal grills featuring metal grates that wick moisture away from food as it cooks.


Though the name suggests that Primo grills are limited to grills only, that’s not true. Additionally, they may be used to bake, smoke, and roast. This is possible because the Primo grill has certain components: a divided firebox, lower draft door, top vent, and reversible cooking grates. You can easily control the temperature. Moreover, the Primo Grill allows consumers to select the best cooking technique and temperature for their meal by adjusting the arrangement of the charcoal inside the firebox.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, a Primo grill has multiple benefits compared to normal grills. Primo grills would be the perfect choice for a delicious BBQ from compatible sizes to easy to shut down. If you are looking forward to buying the grills, check out BBQ Outfitters. They specialize in Grills, smokers, unique outdoor kitchens, grilling accessories, fires and pits, outdoor furniture, and more. Therefore, you will get a wide variety of Primo grills meeting your requirement.

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