The Water Tower by Architect Michael Carapetian

Water Tower 01
The Water Tower by Architect Michael Carapetian ties in cozy and modern in a splendid reconstruction project dating back to 1970s. Nevertheless the project has been taken to modern day standards by architect Trevor Jones. In addition to a massive plot of more than half an acre, the house itself takes the scope of 3,500 square feet.

Michael Carapetian is an acclaimed architect and photographer now based in Venice, Italy. Carapetian’s work at The Water Tower, as well as the subsequent work done to the tower by Trevor Jones is, as Jones puts it, “a synthesis of both Modern architecture and conservation architecture”. Carapetian’s original clients were an American / Iranian couple; Bill Wright, an early Apple software writer and photographer, and his wife Zara, a writer and potter. The following owner, Roseanne Mark, was a noted musician, and she sold it to the current owners, an architect and an artist. All owners have relished the amazing space offered by the building and the tranquil setting. For more information on the history of The Water Tower see the History section of this listing. – from The Modern House

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