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5 Simple Steps All Homeowners Swear By

5 simple steps rounded up by ARCHISCENE editors helping each and every home owner out there:

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Photography by ©Tom Blachford & ©Kate Ballis courtesy of FIGR Architecture & Design

Its suburban feel and tightly knit community makes it an ideal area to settle if you’re starting a family. However, there are some things you may not know about running a fully-optimal home in this town. Here are some tips that  homeowners swear by.

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Photography by ©Tom Blachford & ©Kate Ballis courtesy of FIGR Architecture & Design

1. Check your air conditioner

The southeast part of the United States enjoys a relatively warm weather all year-round. Rarely does it get to freezing temperatures during the winter season. This means you may be using the air conditioner more often than you’re used to. So make sure to check it regularly.

Over time, an air conditioner loses its efficiency requiring you to turn it on longer at the lowest temp. This can result in more expensive energy bills at the end of the month. Yikes! Call a professional in your area as they’ll be able to check your unit and provide suggestions on how to make it more efficient.

Photography by ©Tom Blachford & ©Kate Ballis courtesy of FIGR Architecture & Design

In addition, you should be checking if your windows are working properly. Faulty windows can mean cold air is coming out and your air conditioner is working harder to keep the room cool.

2. Clean your gutters

Leaves and debris easily accumulate in your gutters during the fall and winter season. If they’re not cleaned out regularly, it can decompose and clog up your gutters. Clean out any debris from your roof top and use a plastic scooping tool to get out out whatever is inside your gutters. Avoid using the metal ones as this can damage them. To find if your gutters are fully clean, run a water hose on full pressure. If water comes back at the top, it means there’s still a clog. Check out various guides from on how to choose a high-quality garden hose that becomes your favorite garden assistant.

3. Get the airflow going

The weather in South Carolina can get humid, especially in the summer months. Give your air conditioner a break and open your windows to allow some air in. Don’t forget the drapes that may be covering your other windows. If it’s really hot, consider investing in an air purifier or humidifier. This keeps the air in your room fresh while still allowing you to use the air conditioning.

Photography by ©Tom Blachford & ©Kate Ballis courtesy of FIGR Architecture & Design

4. Check all fire prevention and fire causing systems

With summer getting hotter every year, it can be easy for your home to catch fire. There are a number of factors causing this including grills, fireworks, and gas leaks. To prevent this, you want to fireproof your home. Check to see if fire detectors are working. Have at least one fire extinguisher in your home –and make sure it’s actually working! There’s nothing worse than a non-working fire extinguisher during an emergency.

If you have a chimney, make sure it is cleaned and inspected annually. There’s also other items in your home you should check for a potential fire hazard such as your dryer, electric wires, dehumidifiers, microwaves, and toasters. They may seem harmless but when used irresponsibly, can cause a big fire.

Photography by ©Tom Blachford & ©Kate Ballis courtesy of FIGR Architecture & Design

5. Consider getting home insurance

Whatever climate you choose to live in, mother nature always has a way of accelerating the breakdown of your household items. This is not intentional of course. That’s just how it works. This is why doing maintenance is so important. Your household items do not just last for years on their own. They require constant check-ups. It can cost you a lot of money if you don’t maintain your items regularly. A good way to prevent such hefty expense is to get home insurance. You can choose from various home protection plans and pick one that covers your most prized home items. With certain plans, you can get certain appliances and systems checked regularly. And if anything needs repair, the insurance company can send someone right away and cover a huge part of that cost.

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All images from beautifully designed Datum House project shared with us by FIGR Architecture & Design office – discover the complete project.

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Trademan Office by Gaspar Jarrys Architect

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