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Mateo Gagliardo’s Sustainable Living Project in Entre Ríos

Design innovation on ‘El Chiringüe’ island by Mateo Gagliardo.

El Abrazo, Photography © Ramiro Sosa

Nestled in the enchanting wetlands of the Paraná River Delta on “El Chiringüe” island, Mateo Gagliardo‘s architectural project emerges as a harmonious interplay between nature and design, a testament to innovative living in one of Argentina’s most beautiful ecosystems. This project, situated along the Lechiguana Stream in the province of Entre Ríos, is crafted with a profound respect for its unique environment, characterized by intermittent surface flooding that blurs the lines between aquatic and terrestrial realms.


In response to the challenges posed by this hybrid ecosystem, Gagliardo’s design is a masterclass in adaptability and sustainability. The project is anchored by two main axes: the Y-axis, which creates a visual and circulatory bridge from the river to an existing tree at the property’s rear, weaving through the dock and the house gallery; and the X-axis, which enhances the connection between the house’s interior living spaces and the majestic outdoors. This thoughtful layout not only fosters a seamless interaction with the surrounding landscape but also promotes a communal living experience within the home.

El Abrazo, Photography © Ramiro Sosa

Anticipating the area’s flooding patterns, the residence is elevated, ensuring its resilience against the delta’s fluctuating waters. A strategically designed berm not only facilitates access during floods but also merges the structure with the terrain, enhancing its accessibility and integration with the natural surroundings. The spatial organization within the home is meticulously planned, with private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms constructed using Steel Frame technology, clad externally with Minionda Cincalum sheets and internally with phenolic panels, ensuring durability and a harmonious aesthetic.

The heart of the residence is its social area, envisioned as a transparent space that invites the outdoors in, creating an immersive nature experience. This section of the house floats like a cantilever amidst the tree canopies, offering breathtaking views and a sense of being suspended within the landscape. The central gallery space serves multiple purposes, from facilitating fluid movement between different areas of the house to hosting large social gatherings, embodying the project’s ethos of connectivity and openness.

El Abrazo, Photography © Ramiro Sosa

Sustainability is at the core of this residence, operating entirely off-grid to ensure minimal environmental impact. Electricity is generated through photovoltaic panels, water is sourced directly from the river and treated for domestic use, and sewage is managed through a biodigester, transforming waste into organic matter. Gagliardo’s project on “El Chiringüe” island stands as a pioneering example of sustainable architecture, thoughtfully designed to coexist with and celebrate its natural surroundings, setting a new benchmark for living in harmony with the environment in the Paraná delta.

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