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  • Rammed Earth Winery in Châteauneuf-du-Pape by JSPA Design

    JSPA Design has recently unveiled its latest project, the Winery Châteauneuf-du-Pape, nestled in the heart of the picturesque and predominantly rural region of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France. This groundbreaking project not only embraces tradition but also seamlessly merges contemporary design with the charm of the French countryside. The project’s ambitious goal was to create a wine cellar, […] More

  • Renovation of Nanjing Combat Machinery Factory by Mix Architecture

    Mix Architecture has recently completed the extensive renovation project of the remarkable Nanjing Combat Machinery Factory. Situated on the western side of Hongshan, in the northern region of the city, this extraordinary structure stands in close proximity to the bustling Nanjing Railway Station. The factory, a testament to mid-century design, was erected during the illustrious […] More

  • Gurdau Winery Redefines The Wine House With Aleš Fiala

    The newly established Gurdau Winery, which is claiming the rich wine-growing legacy of Moravia, commissioned the Aleš Fiala architecture studio to create a new wine house for the winery. The structure was purposely and poetically placed in the middle of the vineyards, which imposed stringent requirements for the building’s integration with the surrounding landscape. The landscape […] More

  • Rómulo Neto Architects

    Ferneto SA by Rómulo Neto Architects

    Rómulo Neto Architects have recently completed works on Ferneto’s industrial unit in Vagos, Portugal. The design of the building was developed with the company’s primary business in mind, which is the manufacture of equipment used to make bread and pastries, specifically bakery and pastry machines. The inspiration for our façade’s first composition came from here. […] More

  • ARC Arquitectos

    ARC Arquitectos design Nogam Walnut Factory

    ARC Arquitectos have recently completed their latest project in Herdade das Atafonas, Portugal – Nogam Walnut Factory. The factory occupies around 11,000 square meters and is situated near Herdade das Atafonas in the Municipality of Évora. The walnut processing facility was an effort to adapt to programmatic and geographic constraints in addition to legal constraints. […] More

  • Frigerio Design Group

    Frigerio Design Group designs Ferrero Technical Center

    Frigerio Design Group has delivered the Ferrero Technical Centeri n Alba, Italy. The project  demonstrates a new level of integration between industrial architecture, the landscape, process sustainability, and employee well-being. One of the largest chocolate and confectionery firms in the world, Ferrero, is now operating at full capacity out of its new technical innovation center. Ferrero is […] More

  • JSPA Design delivers Ningwu Oatmeal Factory

    JSPA Design has completed works on their latest project in Ningwu, Shanxi province, China -Oatmeal Factory. The concept involved building an oatmeal factory that would turn unprocessed oats into flour products. Two distinct production lines with high volume equipment and public areas with shop, café, and office spaces were required for the production process, which […] More

  • Piuarch designs Fendi’s New Factory in Bagno a Ripoli

    Piuarch has recently completed works on the new Fendi production building in Bagno a Ripoli. The Milan-based studio has worked with the Fendi Maison to create an architecture that blends into the surroundings and engages in direct conversation with the natural environment. The project is designed as a raised garden conceived to mend a long-standing […] More

  • ARCHISCENE Talks to Avanto Architects about their Finnish Design Shop Project

    Avanto Architects have recently completed their latest project in Turku, Finland – Finnish Design Shop. The new headquarters building of the world’s largest online Nordic design retailer includes a logistics center that ships products to over a hundred countries, a showroom, and a café.bThe project was done in close collaboration with the principal designer Arkkitehtiruutu […] More

  • Atelier Št?pán designs Winery P?átelé Pavlova

    Atelier Št?pán has recently completed Winery P?átelé Pavlova (Friends of Pavlov) in Pálava, inspired by the construction of simple barns and the stunning landscape of vineyards that surrounds it. The winery integrates with the landscape by being partially immersed in the ground and having a green roof that follows the slope of the terrain. The […] More

  • Take Tour of 3.14 arquitectura Project Unidade Industrial Duvalli

    3.14 Arquitectura finds a new way to take on an industrial design with their projects for the massive Duvalli company building. Photographer Ivo Tavarres shares with ARCHISCENE his images of the project. Continue reading to discover more of this project from Portugal located in :  From the architects:  “Located in an industrial lot, that due […] More

  • Requalification and Expansion of Ramalhos Facilities by Espaço Objecto

    Requalification and Expansion of Ramalhos Facilities by Espaço Objecto

    Espaço Objecto studio recently completed their latest project, the rehabilitation and expansion of an industrial unit at Ramalhos in Àgueda, Portugal. The project  has a subtle but consistent exterior appearance, showcasing white screen-printed glass in the façade cladding and the marking of vertical profiles that govern the level of natural light in the internal areas, […] More

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