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  • Medina Winery by Clayton Korte

    Medina Winery by Clayton Korte

    Austin/San Antonio based architecture and design firm Clayton Korte designed this modern winery in Medina, Texas. The design concept for Medina Winery repurposes an existing barn and goat shed, merging it with a contemporary addition to create a sophisticated amalgam of new and old. More

  • BRADCO by Em Paralelo

    BRADCO by Em Paralelo

    Em Paralelo designed this industrial unit in Castelo de Paiva. The aim was not to link the image of the Industrial Unit to a mere “warehouse”, but rather an architectural landmark that would represent the brand in the best possible way in the municipality. Discover more after the jump. More

  • STEELFORM by Lopes da Costa Studio

    STEELFORM by Lopes da Costa Studio

    Lopes da Costa Studio recently completed its latest project – the expansion of an industrial building in in São Roque, Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal. The projects aims to maximize the area of the industrial nave, leaving the southern part of the site for the administrative area. This area lies along the new proposed street, giving […] More

  • 6 Awe-Inspiring Solar Structures In the World

    6 Awe-Inspiring Solar Structures In the World

    As more and more people are beginning to understand just how important renewable energy is for posterity and progress, various innovations in the industry are being introduced every year. However, there are some that are simply made a cut above the rest, and that’s what we’re going to look at today. Specifically, we’ll be looking […] More

  • ARCHISCENE GUIDE: 5 Forklift Safety Guidelines

    ARCHISCENE GUIDE: 5 Forklift Safety Guidelines

    Be it the retail or wholesale sector, the manufacturing industry, warehousing or postal services, forklifts are an integral part of industrial facilities that help optimise workflow and increase productivity. At first glance, forklifts appear as straightforward, compact and powerful machines for loading, unloading, lifting, or pulling heavy items, but they can be fatal if proper […] More

  • Five Practical Tips for Expanding Your Farm

    Five Practical Tips for Expanding Your Farm

    There is no doubt that expansion is one of the most exciting and anticipated periods in a farmer’s career. Whether this means acquiring more fields from a neighboring farmer, more staff to work the fields with more attention and labor, or more farming buildings, machines and hardware to process your crops through; you’ll be sure […] More

  • WÜRTH Serbia Training & Test Center by Dejan Todorovic

    Serbian architect Dejan Todorović transformed a 540 sqm warehouse into Würth Serbia training and test center, located in Belgrade. A polycarbonate wall divides the space in two – a demo center for CNC machines and a testing room for products. RELATED: INDUSTRIAL ARCHITECTURE The first of the two spaces contains a large steel mesh cage […] More

  • 7 Benefits of Industrial Sheds That are Worth Considering

    Industrial sheds are indeed one of the best real estate investments available. Their return on investment is significantly superior as compared to brick and mortar buildings. There is no question about their potential and durability. Industrial sheds offer even more benefits than the typical real estate investment of a house. RELATED: INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS Read more […] More

  • Obelisk Winery in Czech Republic by AiD Team

    Discover the Obelisk Winery, located on the green horizon in southern Czech Republic, with a unique view of Valtice and Pálava Hills. Build on a former border guard platoon, the site is now filled with beautiful winery and lush vineyards, carefully landscaped and maintained.  Designed by studio AiD Team, the winery is divided into two […] More

  • Trautenberk Microbrewery by ADR

    Studio ADR from the Czech Republic completely renovated the Trautenberk Microbrewery, located in the Krkonoše mountains right on the border with Poland in the village of Horní Malá Úpa. The work mostly consisted of stripping down many previous layers of refurbishments and modifications from the second half of the century. The building provides accommodation, the […] More

  • Alliance 1892 – Cognac Distillery Museum & Warehouse by TOTEMENT/PAPER

    The building is located in Kaliningrad region in old German town which was seriously damaged during World War II. In an empty place adjacent to the railroad a modern plant of cognac production was built. Our task was a warehouse building project which apart from its main function – storing cognac tierces – would serve […] More

  • Saengthai Rubber Headquarter by Atelier of Architects

    The Saengthai Rubber Headquarter is situated in the front of the old factory in the historical industrial development area of Bangkok. The design proposal is the composition of two pieces of rubber like masses; one of them is bended and intersect with another. Together they form a concrete structure composite with the steel lattice skin that helps support […] More

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