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2nd Prize on Competition [PACIFIC 06] for Kristijonas Skirmantas, Povilas Zakauskas, Tomas Vaiciulis

2nd Prize PACIFIC

Project: [PACIFIC 06] Ocean Platform Prison – BUOY_Prison
Designed by Kristijonas Skirmantas, Povilas Zakauskas, Tomas Vaiciulis
Country: Lithuania
Use Site Area: 14 000 m2
Building Area: 4 820 m2
GFA: 5 570 m2
Stories above Ground: 1
Maximum Height: 22,8 m
Location: Pacific Ocean
We have already shared with you entries for 3rd placed and Honorable Mentions in the much buzzed-about [PACIFIC 06] Ocean Platform Prison competition hosted by [AC-CA]. Today we have the 2nd place, discover more of this rewarded project after the jump:

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From the Architects:

Site was the main factor that influenced the concept of prisons volume. Ocean creates a constantly changing but at the same time homogeneous and unrestricted environment that determines the volume of prison to be simple, iconic and geometry equivalent to all directions.

Proposed prison consists of 3 main parts: bearing column, structural ring and regular rectangular modules hanging under it. Separate modules could be easily replaced by the others or new extensions could be added. This makes the whole prison system adjustable to always changing requirements. All vacant place under the structural ring is efficiently used by a dense grid of rods, using kinetic wave energy to provide building with electricity.Separate zones are clearly separated and laid out in different parts of the building. Prisoners awaiting trial and housing convicted prisoners are dislocated in opposite sides and separated by facilities used by them at different times. All service rooms are located around the central core of the volume containing lift shafts and connecting to the helicopter landing and boat loading areas. Administration, staff and control & security zones are isolated from the rest of the building.

It’s certainly a tantalizing prospect to think that we could gather usable energy from the natural forces at work on water's surface. Wave powers net potential is better than wind, solar, small hydro or biomass power. It contains roughly 1000 times the kinetic energy of wind, they are quieter and much less visually obtrusive. We chose BUOY system that use the rise and fall of ocean swells to drive hydraulic pumps. The electricity generators are mounted in the roof construction. Rods connecting buoys and generators play an important role in creating always wavering prison image, obscuring the massive central column and making the building disappear in a vibrant oceans environment.

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