Bad Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom You Should Avoid

Read on to know what you should avoid while designing your ideal bedroom.

Bad Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom You Should Avoid

A homebound year has made many of us realize just how important our homes are. Today, home is not only where the heart is, it’s where everything is — from working, to schooling, exercising, shopping, dining, and even socialising.

We are rethinking our home designs, finding ways to liven up our rooms.  Our bedrooms being the most private space of the house deserve our utmost attention. However, it’s not always easy to create a well-appointed bedroom.

Your bedroom should be a space that mirrors your personality. This is your personal getaway – your space to retreat for reading, relaxing, recharging and reflecting on the day. Channelize your design sensibility and spruce up your bedroom décor to create a calm, inviting and dreamy sanctuary. But bigger and bolder doesn’t always pay off.

We’ve outlined some common decorating mistakes people make while designing bedrooms. Read on to know what you should avoid while designing your ideal bedroom.

Bad Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom You Should Avoid

Too Loud for Comfort

Avoid using intense colours like reds, yellows or oranges in a bedroom. While these colours can make your bedroom look bold and dramatic, but they’ll keep you awake instead of relaxing you to sleep. Go for grey or blue shades or neutral tones to create a relaxing and peaceful bedroom space.   

Symmetry and Balance

It’s important to create a sense of balance in a bedroom. The traditional ‘two side tables with a bed in the middle’ layout is a faulty design. This arrangement of placing all furniture against one wall makes the room feel lopsided. The opposite side is left vacant, empty and to an extent, redundant. Balance it out with some additional furniture like a reading nook, seating area or a mirror. Another good idea is to add elements to the other wall – a large plant, dresser or chair – to provide the needed balance in the room.  

Bad Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom You Should Avoid

Wrong Sized Bed

A king sized bed placed in a small bedroom can make the room look even smaller. It not only diminishes walking space, but also becomes a jarring centre piece of the room. Invest in a bed that’s appropriate in size to the dimensions of your bedroom.

Most importantly, make sure you’re sleeping on a comfortable bed. After all, what is a bedroom for if you can’t enjoy restful, uninterrupted sleep?

No Privacy

Uncovered windows are not a great idea for a place as private as the bedroom. Use blinds, or window treatments to ensure your privacy is intact. There are numerous window designs that you consider upgrading to.

Just a Sleeping Space not a Relaxing Space

A common mistake people do while decorating other spaces is that the bedroom ends up being just a place to sleep, and store clothes. However, an ideal bedroom should be the perfect place for relaxation – your peaceful retreat. Add a reading nook, a day bed or a reading corner to make sure you look forward to relaxing there. Create a calm, cosy feel to the room. Infuse your personality into your bedroom by adding textures, fabrics, artwork, keepsakes or plants.

Bad Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom You Should Avoid

Excess Accessories

The desire to personalize our bedrooms often leads us to overpopulate them with an array of accessories including books, photographs, wall art, and souvenirs. However, overdoing it can make the room feel cluttered and oppressive, effectively reducing our sense of peace and tranquility.

A well-decorated bedroom does not require a multitude of decor accessories. Instead, a curated selection of meaningful items can create a more aesthetically pleasing, spacious, and stylish ambiance. The key is to accessorize sparingly, picking items that add to the room’s overall mood and functionality, rather than merely filling up space.

Practicing the concept of ‘less is more’ can bring about a transformative effect on your room. A few carefully chosen wall arts or a solitary piece of sculpture can draw attention without overwhelming the senses. A thoughtfully placed bookshelf can add character, and a couple of your favorite photos can lend a personal touch without adding clutter.

Remember that every accessory you choose should harmonize with the overall aesthetic of your bedroom, adding to its charm without detracting from its tranquillity. By taking a minimalist approach to decoration, your bedroom can become a stylish oasis, offering an ideal balance of personal expression, aesthetic appeal, and spatial openness.

Full-on-Bright Lights

Often, bedrooms are seen with ultra-bright lights that can be glaring and uncomfortable, or alternatively, lights that are too dim to function effectively. The key to creating a harmonious atmosphere lies in achieving a balanced lighting effect that is both functional and ambient.

Introducing softer light lamps can instantly transform the energy of a room, rendering it cozy and inviting. Incorporating a variety of lighting sources such as bedside and standing lamps also contributes to a more versatile and balanced lighting scheme. These sources can work together to illuminate different areas of the room, ensuring every corner is adequately lit without overpowering the space.

However, it’s not just about the type of light, but also its fixture. The style of your light fixtures can greatly influence the room’s mood. Choose designs that fit the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. For a minimalist room, sleek, modern fixtures would work best. If your style is more traditional, ornate lamps could be more suitable.

Moreover, the colour temperature of the lights plays a significant role in setting the mood. Warmer light creates a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, perfect for winding down after a long day. Cooler light, on the other hand, aids concentration and is thus suitable for reading or working.

Finally, when lighting a bedroom, think beyond mere functionality. Strive for a blend of comfort, aesthetic appeal, and harmony in the lighting setup. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and the right lighting can make it even more welcoming and serene.

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