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How Can Design Shape Our True Home Happiness

Can interior design of your home make you happy? Does our home shape happiness – BEAUTY SCENE editor investigates:

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Photo ©Fabien Baron courtesy Zara Home

At this time of our self-isolation we have a truly rare moment to enjoy the comfort of our own homes. Interior design as well as decor are an infinite source of inspiration, many of us enjoy decorating our households yet with busy work schedule we barely get time to enjoy our very own abode.

By looking into ways designers solve problems, often noted as design thinking, we are able to create ways to fulfil greater happiness. 

While happiness is often perceived as an esoteric definition defining it as a feeling that is more taken by routes of our destiny and left to chance rather than some sort of a carefully developed plan. That begs the question – is there such a thing as home happiness? The term implies the same can be carefully planned and many interior designers and decor stylists will confirm the same for you. Even ancient techniques such as Feng Shui are created to achieve bliss and positive energy flow at home. 

At this time of self-isolation home renovation ideas are surely abundant, and if anything the abundance of time at home is here for us to explore all. While we may use this time to spring clean, paint and redecorate our home we can also reflect on few points helping us achieve the much desired home happiness. 

The art of Feng Shui and Modern Living

The art of Feng Shui is present to this day in gratitude to its ways of utilising positive energy and solutions allowing us to create welcoming energy and warm home. The idea of Feng Shui might seem frightening and rigid, yet few simple tricks may be applied to any home or office. To transform your living or work space you can take what works best for you from numerous guidelines written about endlessly in books as well as online. Some of the Feng Shui guidelines are avoiding sharp edges around your home, creating an inviting entrance into your home by now allowing any furniture to block the same.  At the same time it is important to separate work and living space even if you are working from home. 

Photo ©Fabien Baron courtesy Zara Home

Colours are also an important part of setting up a friendly home, the masters of Feng Shui Decor are promoting the use of soothing colours. The same are on trend with the latest in home decor and furniture designs, helping you achieve that calming and welcoming household. 

Relationship Between Design and Happiness

If anyone knows how to use the power of the relationship between design and happiness than those are the major furniture and decor retailers. In the recent years giants such as IKEA and their designers are challenged by the fast fashion industry taking a part of their market. H&M and Inditex are both continuously working on developing their own home-wear lines, with Zara Home venturing beyond decor pieces and linen into bespoke furniture design pieces. If anything the masterminds of fashion industry know how to use our exploration for happiness and impulsive buying even when it comes to selling their decor and furniture pieces. Thus the true conversation between design and happiness has gained a real momentum in the recent years. The notion of the objects and little design details boosting our appreciation of our surrounding and sparking joy is truly exploited by the home industry. Many furniture and decor designers are aware happiness is a defining aspect of their work. Successful design companies are tirelessly working on bringing back emotion and delight into design culture which often battles with the fact functionality trumping form. The same are also using the emotion connected to traditional design pieces while bringing retro decor and furniture pieces. 

Photo ©Fabien Baron courtesy Zara Home

At the same time surrounding ourselves with carefully curated design pieces may add a significant amount of pleasure to our lives. Thanks to countless decor and home design books we can also take notes from interior designs and design mavens alike on how t be the architects of our own happiness. 

Design Thinking

This sort of design thinking is not reserved exclusively to interior designers and architects. While professionals are well versed in examining environment to solve problems through redesign and reconstruction we as well can take our personal experience when it comes to shaping our own living space.

When carefully employed the design thinking ideas can be used as a strategy to increase our happiness. By many statistics a massive portion of our well being lies within our direct control as well as our immediate surrounding. 

Photo ©Fabien Baron courtesy Zara Home

Just as design, happiness is simply said not one size fits all and it takes personal exploration of our daily needs both at work and at home. However have in mind, just as trends come both happiness and design call for continuous upkeep. 

Words by Design Scene Editor Juliette Picard, all images from Zara Home Spring Summer 2020 collection by Fabien Baron. 

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