Four Tips to Design a Hotel-Inspired Bathroom

One of the best things about staying in a hotel is the luxurious bathroom. Hotel bathrooms are clean, immaculately decorated, and designed for your sanitary comfort. It’s easier than you think to redesign and redecorate your bathroom to match hotel standards.

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1. How to Pamper Yourself With a Hotel Style Bathroom

You deserve to be pampered. When you were young and first starting out, you bought towels from a thrift store — cheap, thin, and they felt like it. Now is the time to invest in quality towels that are fat, fluffy, and soft. The washcloths should also be fluffy and pretty. Choose the color scheme or decorating theme for your bathroom. Then buy the best quality towels you can find that match or complement your scheme.

2. Repairs and Renovations

Before redecorating, make sure all plumbing and lighting are working properly. Schedule a plumbing inspection if necessary. If anyone in the family is getting older or having balance issues, now is the perfect time to add accessories to make your bathroom more easily accessible.

If you are having trouble with your new design, there are plenty of inspiration sites to research for ideas. The important thing is that it’s a room you and your family will be spending a lot of time in — you need to like it or you will find it more difficult to relax in the bathtub. Decorate the space to please yourself. Whether you want Disney shower curtains, bold colors, soft pastels, or to make the bathroom look like it came from a 19th-century French chateau is entirely up to you.

3. A Touch of Nature

Many people like a touch of nature in the bathroom. For example, a flower vase on the vanity counter, a bonsai tree, or a small potted plant adds a pretty touch. A potted cactus will not thrive in the moisture of a bathroom, but a fern will.

4. Less Is More

Too many bathrooms become cluttered, with toilet tank lids or vanity counters becoming catchalls. Limit the things stored in the bathroom to what you actually need — just the toiletries.

Designing your own hotel-inspired bathroom should be something you have fun doing. Visit some of your favorite hotels for inspiration and you’ll be relaxing in your new bathroom in no time at all.

Casa AB by e|arquitectos

Beijing Taihejinzun Sales Center by SHJY Art Design

Beijing Taihejinzun Sales Center by SHJY Art Design