Pre-Made Cabinetry: What are the Benefits?

If pricey custom kitchen cabinets don’t fit your renovation budget, you should definitely consider a pre-made option.

For many homeowners, kitchen remodels should be as quick and painless as possible. One significant timesaver is choosing pre-made cabinetry, which saves money and energy you can funnel elsewhere. Many kitchen cabinet companies that sell this version of cabinetry, but you should visit Walcraft Cabinetry for more info or other reputable dealers to ensure you get only the best ones.


Choosing new cabinets is a dominate part of the kitchen remodelling process, and one of the biggest parts of the budget. Since the cabinets are among the elements that you use the most, you need to choose them to be both attractive as well as durable. The best way to get what you want is to hire a custom cabinet maker, but sometimes this can be very expensive. If pricey custom kitchen cabinets don’t fit your renovation budget, you should definitely consider a pre-made option.

See below our pro tips on buying the pre-made kitchen cabinets. 

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Why buy pre-assembled cabinets?

Pre-assembled cabinets come with the drawers, doors, and hardware pre-attached, and they come in a large number of stock sizes and configurations. When purchasing pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, sellers will do all the heavy lifting (so to speak) for you. The cabinets come to you fully assembled and ready to install. The assembly is done at our warehouses by qualified experts. Your cabinets are carefully packaged and wrapped with extra cushion so you can be sure that they get to you primed and ready for your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

What about the quality of pre-made cabinets?

When you shop for kitchen cabinets online, you can find high-quality cabinetry. Look for companies that use only premium hardwoods in their construction. These materials consist of solid woods like maple, birch, and hickory. Also, look for critical features like dovetail drawers, soft-close hinges, and drawer glides.

Are pre-made cabinets difficult to install?

Since your cabinets are pre-assembled and complete when they arrive, all you need to do is to install them where you want them. This is a straightforward task, but you’ll need a few tools. Try your local home improvement store or your DIY-experienced friends for a cabinet lift and a combination laser level/stud finder. Alternatively, you can rent these from home improvement stores if you don’t want to buy them.

Once you have your tools ready to go, use the laser level/stud finder to get the cabinet in place and to locate the studs correctly. Always check that you screw the cabinets into the studs and not directly into the wallboard. Then, use the cabinet lift to raise your cabinets where you plan on putting them. Don’t lift them up too high before you have them near the wall; otherwise, they can easily tip over, causing damage to the cabinetry (or yourself!). If you feel like this may be a little extreme for you to manage alone, you can always call a contractor who will have the expertise and necessary tools already available.

What are the benefits of pre-made cabinetry over other types of cabinets?

When you decide to leave the assembly to the professional cabinet makers, you can save time and energy that you can direct towards the rest of your remodel instead. You can also trust that the assembly has been completed by pros, and as a result adheres to the highest criteria of quality and craftmanship. Just open the box and install the cabinets wherever you want to put them in your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you are looking for white kitchen cabinets, grey kitchen cabinets, or many other models, you should be able to find what you need. 

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