6 Window Treatment Ideas For A Minimalist Home

If you’re looking to level up your windows, here are some window treatment ideas you may want to explore having.

Small details and big ones alike, there’s always an opportunity to make your home better, even when you’re after the whole fuss-free and minimalist vibe. Here, let’s focus on a small detail but one that can greatly influence the look and feel of your home: window treatments.

Windows play the all-important role of keeping the heat inside a home and the cold air out. And when positioned well, windows can also be a good source of natural light to a room during the daytime. Regardless of the type of window your minimalist home has, it needs window treatments. These can be both for the aesthetic purpose of adding design to your home and the functional one of more privacy and shade when needed.

And today, the window design industry continues to develop and be innovative, coming up with its own set of new surprises, from verified providers, even for minimalist homes. And so, if you’re looking to level up your windows, here are some window treatment ideas you may want to explore having.

  1. Drapes

One can never go wrong with having drapes in their home. The fluidity and elegance of the fabric can bring lightness and an airy feeling to any room. And today, besides the chic color palette and design options you can choose from, there are innovations such as blackout features that can be appealing to many homeowners. Blackout drapes can help block out sunlight and heat from entering the home’s interior, making them perfect to be placed in the bedroom.

  1. Sheer Curtains

In areas of your home where privacy isn’t an issue, or perhaps, you’d love to have a lot of natural light inside, you can make use of sheer curtains. They’re light and breezy and can spruce up your home’s interior while allowing as much sunlight in at the same time.

A tip to note is it may be best to opt for a plain style or simple-colored curtain, so it can go with the whole minimalist aesthetic you’re after for your home.

6 Window Treatment Ideas For A Minimalist Home
Modern minimalist open space in patio house, gray and wooden kitchen with island and stools, veranda with grass, marble stones and tree, parquet and venetian blinds, interior design
  1. Roller Shades

Roller shades aren’t newcomers in the window treatment selections. They’re simple and more structured. And if you want a more formal yet elegant look and feel for your minimalist home’s interior, roller shades can be one of the best top choices. You can easily roll it up during the day for natural light and down at night.

Moreover, roller shades don’t just look minimalist, as they’re also simple and convenient to maintain. Cleaning can be easy as you can periodically wipe and vacuum the fabric or textile.

  1. Blinds

There are various blind styles that can complement a modern aesthetic. And today, some of the most preferred ones for a minimalist home include Roman blinds, rollers, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, and pleated honeycomb. Each has a different look, so the choice generally depends on your preference, home’s style and theme, or perhaps what your interior designer would think works best.

  1. Dual Shade Systems

This fourth item can also bring more style and sophistication to your windows. Why have only one when you can opt for a dual shade system? While it is not necessarily something new, many homes are now adapting this type of dual-layered shade in their home.

The dual shade system usually comes with a transparent, light-filtering fabric shade in the front. In the back, you’ll have a room-darkening roller shade. The light-filtering shades can be used during the daytime to let the sunlight into any space in your home, while the room-darkening roller shades can be used at night for total privacy.

  1. Decorative Plants

While it may come in as a surprising fact, decorative plants can also serve as a good window treatment, especially if you’re going for an entirely minimalist look for your home’s windows.

Say, for instance, privacy isn’t an issue as you live in a gated home or community, and your windows are strategically positioned where it’s not too hot. If that’s the case, then you can preserve the whole look of your windows without putting in any window treatments.

To avoid the glass windows from looking too plain, however, dressing it up with decorative plants can be a good call. You can have hanging plants or taller ones around the window to frame the whole look. They may not provide complete coverage, but they can serve the dual purpose of blocking a bit of the sunlight while also being a decorative element in the specific room.

Wrapping Up

As you may have noted, curtains aren’t the only way to cover up your windows. It may have been one of the most common in previous years, but this doesn’t mean that you should immediately run towards them– unless that’s what you want for your home. If you wish to give your windows a makeover for this year, you may consider exploring other options like those mentioned above. 

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