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Milan Expo 2015: Latvian Pavilion Proposal by United Riga Architects

Expo 2015 Milan Latvia

United Riga Architects' have designed a proposal for the Latvian Pavilion EXPO 2015 to be held in Milan. The pavilion offers an open space towards the world where, like apiary ecosystem, people have an opportunity for effective and natural cultural exchange, socializing and cognition of Latvian values.

Expo 2015 Milan Latvia

From the Architects:

The pavilion consists of three basic elements: The interior of the cell, open outdoor space and its unifying "natural channel". The interaction of these elements form a continuous story, where every visitor finds Latvian value, which is close himself.
The pavilion is singing Apiary – a symphony of natural sounds in every cell, but the roof stage used for artist performances.
The interior shaped like a hive, where each cell displays the Latvian natural ecosystems – the sea, forest, freshwater, marshes, meadows and land. Each cell has a singing – the sound of according ecosystem – winds, trees, waves,birds – a special symphony composed by the nature. Interactive digital horizon allows you to explore the Latvian culture, nature and traditions of food synergy. The entrance portal is a special object – a waterfall like installation with online translation from Latvia.

Expo 2015 Milan Latvia Expo 2015 Milan Latvia

"Natural channel" is the core of the pavilion. Similarly, the queen bee in the hive, "natural channel" is the biggest attraction of the pavilion. A special variety of transparency mirror system around dreamlike Latvian meadow create infinity effect. 3×4 meter installation on all sides look infinitely wide. "Natural channel" impresses visitors and creates a visual link between the guests and the pavilion and our nature.
Outside built using special pavilion roof construction. Latvian roof is both the terrace and stage, open-air venue, a viewing platform and a dreamlike garden. Latvian pavilion roof is the whole point of attraction EXPO relax and communicate wishing visitors. Attractive and cheerful outdoor space symbolizes Latvian openness to the world. Thanks to the open roof, the public space as a whole will be near to 100% of the pavilion land (required min. Of 30%). The roof is like an open-air stage for volunteer musicians and artists from the Latvia. The roof consists of options for a healthy lifestyle –rising to the top of the roof will burn up to 500 calories! Active and friendly outdoor space is a popularityguarantee of Latvian exposure.

Expo 2015 Milan Latvia Expo 2015 Milan Latvia

Garden is made of Latvian-selected varieties of flowers and will be as a present the Italian bees. Roof garden will respond the EXPO 2015 directions for partial greening of roofs of national pavilion.
Sustainability is a key concept of re-purposing pavilion after EXPO. According to the post-consumer principles of construction designed to have folding design, with an option of assembly in a Latvian city.
The pavilion design enables to use the building as a scientific and educational center. Similarly, Tartu "Ahhaa" center, one of the Latvian authorities will be able to create their own success story.
It is planned to use recycled materials for the Pavilion – steel structure metal scrap, step boards created from recycled wood.

Expo 2015 Milan Latvia Expo 2015 Milan Latvia

In technical design stage, the Pavilion building will be developed with CO2 emission reduction, economical use of water resources and environmental pollution control project.
Thanks to an innovative bee cells similar sunshade system as well as air recovery system is designed to provide indoor environment quality, including air quality and lighting, reducing electricity consumption for air-conditioning.
The traditional rural architecture similar slopes (especially looking at the building entrance of the corners), the laconic form language, and characteristic decoration material selection express Latvian identity in pavilion architecture. Roof staircase promenade, greybare wooden plank walkways similar to Latvian seaside. The pavilion forms creation utilises parametric modelling, scripted facades and other architectural digital technologies to be positioned worldwide as an innovative country.

Expo 2015 Milan Latvia Expo 2015 Milan Latvia Expo 2015 Milan Latvia Expo 2015 Milan Latvia

The restaurant visitors will find a continuation of the exposition. Each restaurant delicacies offered corresponds to theexhibition cell. Rye bread cake with trees, sea, or grasslands taste will be prepared in advance and ideally suited to "take away" service, which is important for servicing a huge customer traffic in limited kitchen space situation. Specially developed for each cell box and the food will coincide with the architecture and interior design, thus ensuring a continuous identity architecture, stage design and concept of the restaurant.

Project: Milan Expo 2015: Latvian Pavilion Proposal
Designed by United Riga Architects
Project Architects: Evgeni Leonov, Alex Dembo, Agnija Rubene
Co-Authors: Gints Gabr?ns, SIA Pareiz? ??mija, AS RBSSKALS, “Dabas Koncertz?le”, Liene Tomsone
Client: Latvian Republic Ministry of Economy Project competition: 4th place
Project Area: 595 m2
Location: Milan, Italy

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