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EXMURO Arts Publics Reveals 8 Captivating Artworks for WINTERACTIVE

Winter Wonders: A Closer Look at EXMURO Arts Publics’ Exhibition for WINTERACTIVE

© Annielly Camargo, courtesy of the Downtown Boston BID

From January 17 to April 14, 2024, Boston’s business district is set to become a canvas for artistic expression, courtesy of Quebec City’s EXMURO and the inaugural WINTERACTIVE event. Sponsored by the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, this collaboration promises a fusion of Quebecois charm and international creativity. Eight stunning public artworks from Quebec City are set to grace the streets, offering an immersive winter experience for all who traverse the bustling urban landscape.

© Annielly Camargo, courtesy of the Downtown Boston BID

Among the highlights of WINTERACTIVE are the works of four exceptional artists curated by EXMURO: Mark Jenkins, Olivier Roberge, Max Streicher, and Mathieu Valade. Their pieces, carefully selected to captivate and inspire, promise to inject vibrancy into Boston’s winter scene. With a diverse range of styles and themes, these artworks aim to transcend geographical boundaries and spark conversations that resonate across cultures.

EXMURO’s program at WINTERACTIVE features an eclectic mix of sculptures and installations, each telling its own unique story. From Mark Jenkins’ enigmatic humanoid figures to Mathieu Valade’s thought-provoking exploration of myth and reality, there’s something to intrigue every passerby. Max Streicher’s whimsical Endgame (Nagg & Nell) and Olivier Roberge’s immersive Territories 2.0 further enrich the artistic landscape, inviting viewers to engage with the urban environment in unexpected ways.

© Annielly Camargo, courtesy of the Downtown Boston BID

The launch of WINTERACTIVE on January 17, 2024, marked a celebration of creativity and community spirit in the heart of downtown Boston. As crowds gathered to witness the unveiling of these captivating artworks, the festival came alive with the energy of collaboration and cultural exchange. With the support of artists, event partners, and enthusiastic visitors, WINTERACTIVE promises to be a transformative experience, turning the city into a vibrant winter wonderland of artistic exploration and discovery.



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