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Wendy Wins MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program

Wendy MoMA PS1

Project: Wendy – MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program
Designed by HWKN
Team Project: Matthias Hollwich, Marc Kushner, Robert May, Adam Hostetler, Matthew Hoffman, Tim Aarsen, David Lee, Ryan Donaghy, Clare Reidy, Dwight Engel, Dongil Kim, Jamie Abrego, Eunsun Park, Brett Wiemann, Andreas Kostopoulos, Andreas Tjeldflaat, Evan Litvin, Gregory Knobloch
Client: MoMA PS1
Size: 5 000 sqf
Location: New York, USA
Wendy – MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program proposal design created by HWKN, this 5000 square feet project is developed with help of a wast team. 

Wendy MoMA PS1Wendy MoMA PS1Wendy MoMA PS1Wendy MoMA PS1Wendy MoMA PS1Wendy MoMA PS1Wendy MoMA PS1Wendy MoMA PS1Wendy MoMA PS1Wendy MoMA PS1

From the Architects:

Wendy does not play the typical architecture game of ecological apology – instead she is pro-active. That is why Wendy is composed of nylon fabric treated with a ground breaking titania nanoparticle spray to neutralize airborne pollutants. During the summer of 2012 Wendy will clean the air to an equivalent of taking 260 cars off the road. The courtyard at MoMA PS1 will be activated by tools like shade, wind, rain, music, and visual identity to reach beyond her envelope. Wendy's spiky arms reach out with micro-programs like blasts of cool air, music, water canons and mists to create social zones throughout the courtyard.

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