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Mater Debuts Alder Collection

Innovative Collaboration: Mater and Patricia Urquiola Introduce the Alder Collection

Courtesy of Mater

Mater, the pioneering Danish green-tech design brand, has introduced the Alder collection at Milan Design Week in collaboration with renowned Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola. This innovative furniture collection, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, showcases Mater’s commitment to sustainability and circularity. Constructed from a new biodegradable blend of Matek®, a patented material and technology by Mater, the Alder collection represents a significant step forward in eco-conscious design.

Courtesy of Mater

Matek® is a revolutionary material created by combining fibres with a binder to produce a compound that can be molded into furniture using press moulding technology. The new biodegradable Matek® blend, composed of natural fibres and certified biodegradable plastic, continues Mater’s research into circularity. Made entirely from natural materials, the biodegradable version of Matek® features a binder derived from sugarcane mixed with either coffee waste or wood fibres, allowing it to decompose naturally like wood or other organic materials.

The Alder collection incorporates a steel frame made from 94% recycled steel for enhanced strength and durability. Two versions of the collection have been developed: one using a blend of coffee waste and biodegradable plastic, and the other utilizing various wood fibres and biodegradable plastic. Designed for disassembly, each component of the Alder collection can be upcycled through Mater’s Take-back System, promoting a circular approach to furniture production.

Courtesy of Mater

Featuring lounge tables, a side table, and a stool, the Alder collection is available in four different colors inspired by natural rock formations: Terracotta, Light Green, Sand, and Earth Grey. These colors, achieved through different Matek® formulations, lend a natural aesthetic to the collection while highlighting its tactile qualities. The design of the Alder collection draws inspiration from organic shapes and geometry, with indented lines and soft, curvilinear forms evoking subtle references to nature.

Patricia Urquiola, the designer behind the Alder collection, emphasizes the importance of sustainable materials in today’s design landscape. The launch of the Alder collection coincides with a unique installation created in collaboration with Tableau, a Copenhagen-based creative studio specializing in floral design concepts. The installation, featuring raw materials and botanical elements, underscores the cycle of nature and the need for sustainable practices in design.

Courtesy of Mater

Mater‘s Alder collection represents a bold step forward in sustainable furniture design, showcasing the brand’s dedication to innovation and responsible production. By harnessing the potential of biodegradable materials and circular design principles, Mater continues to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for the design industry.

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