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Studio Piet Boon Presents ‘Tides of Living’

Salone del Mobile 2024 Showcases Studio Piet Boon’s ‘Tides of Living’

Courtesy of Studio Piet Boon, ‘Tides of Living’ Collection

Studio Piet Boon sets the stage for a journey at Salone del Mobile 2024 in Milan with its theme, ‘Tides of Living‘. Just as the tides rhythmically ebb and flow, visitors are invited to experience the brand’s latest furniture collections, curated to mirror the daily cycle from dawn’s tranquility to dusk’s vibrancy. This exhibit harmonizes the essence of calm repose with the ambiance of home life.

Courtesy of Studio Piet Boon, Piet Boon by Serax dinnerware collection

Drawing inspiration from the hues of sunset, brand’s showcase captures the serene transition from day to night with a carefully curated color palette. From the soothing aqua of twilight to the warm glow of sunset coral, each hue is setting the tone for a harmonious living experience.

Courtesy of Studio Piet Boon

Pioneering the future of furniture design, Studio Piet Boon introduces an array of new pieces crafted to redefine every space within the home. From the elegant ISA Sofa Series designed for indoor relaxation to the expansive DAAN Table perfect for large gatherings, each piece embodies the brand’s signature blend of functionality, aesthetics, and individuality. 

Courtesy of Studio Piet Boon

Among the highlights is the debut of the BO Bed, offering a cocoon-like embrace with its headboard and organic contours, providing a haven for restful nights. Additionally, the versatile KEK Bedside Table and innovative RAF Cabana for outdoor living showcase Studio Piet Boon’s commitment to both style and practicality.

Courtesy of Studio Piet Boon

Complementing the furniture collections are  fabric assortments, introducing nineteen indoor fabrics, woven to combine elegance with resilience for daily life. The exhibit also features collaborative collections, including Piet Boon by Domani MOYA pots and Piet Boon by cc-tapis LAYERS rugs, adding unique touches to the diverse display.

Furthermore, the exhibit presents a curated selection of artworks by Dutch and Ukrainian artists, enriching the sensory experience and reflecting Studio Piet Boon’s dedication to craftsmanship and design innovation.

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  1. Absolutely mesmerized by Studio Piet Boon’s ‘Tides of Living’ theme at Salone del Mobile this year! 🌊🌅 The way they’ve used the daily transitions from dawn to dusk to inspire their furniture collection is just brilliant. The color palette with hues like twilight aqua and sunset coral really brings out that serene vibe they’re going for.

    The new pieces, especially the ISA Sofa and the DAAN Table, are the perfect blend of style and functionality – exactly what you’d want for making your space feel both chic and welcoming. And that BO Bed sounds like a dream for anyone looking to turn their bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary! 🛏️💤

    Loving the mix of practical designs with artistic touches like the MOYA pots and LAYERS rugs. It’s clear that every detail is meant to enhance the feeling of home. Kudos to Piet Boon for setting such a high bar in furniture design with a thoughtful, holistic approach! Can’t wait to see these pieces in person.

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