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The House Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art and Ceramics by Makhno Studio

The House Museum of Ukrainian Art and Ceramics, initiated by the MAKHNO ART FOUNDATION, aims to showcase Ukrainian culture’s depth and evolution through a fusion of architecture, design, traditions, crafts, and nature.

Makhno Studio
Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO

Designed by Makhno Studio, the House Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art and Ceramics is an architectural marvel envisioned to celebrate the richness and progression of Ukrainian culture. Initiated by the Makhno Art Foundation, the museum seamlessly integrates architecture, design, traditions, crafts, and nature to create an immersive cultural experience. Set to be built in the scenic Kyiv region, this captivating structure spans 800 square meters and is encompassed by meticulously landscaped gardens. Within its walls, visitors will encounter an extraordinary collection of ceramic art, featuring the masterpieces of the renowned artist, Serhii Radko. The museum’s overarching mission is to revitalize pottery traditions while promoting and showcasing the vibrant world of contemporary Ukrainian art.

Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO
Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO

In 2020, renowned architect, ceramist, and collector Serhii Makhno established the Makhno Art Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to blending architecture, design, Ukrainian traditions, crafts, nature, and myth-making. The foundation’s primary objective is to foster the growth of Ukrainian art by creating a dynamic blend of these elements. The House Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art and Ceramics stands as a physical embodiment of this vision.

“Ukraine has great conceptual galleries, curators, art dealers, and artists, but there is still no museum of contemporary Ukrainian art. I have been exploring our culture for over twenty years, admiring its depth, authenticity and universality simultaneously. And today, I believe, it is time for its systematic promotion, both inside the country and abroad. I would like to show that Ukrainian culture not only has a millennium of history but is also developing and transforming right now.”

says Makhno.

Currently planned for construction in the Kyiv region, the 800-square-meter House Museum is set to become an awe-inspiring structure that marries artistic design with an enchanting ambiance. Surrounded by a meticulously landscaped garden, the museum will house exclusive art objects capable of captivating art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. Presently, the museum boasts the most extensive collection of ceramic art in Ukraine, with a particular focus on revitalizing pottery traditions as an authentic Ukrainian art form and craft. Notably, the works of the illustrious ceramicist and artist Serhiy Radko occupy a prominent place in the exhibition. Recently, the Makhno Art Foundation published a book dedicated to Radko’s artistic legacy.

Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO
Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO
Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO
Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO

The House Museum of Ukrainian Contemporary Art and Ceramics is an immersive and ever-evolving work of art that beckons visitors to immerse themselves in its wonders. Its design showcases the boundless possibilities of architecture, seamlessly merging the past and present into a harmonious whole that inspires awe and admiration. From afar, the museum’s imposing concrete structure stands tall like a monolith against the backdrop of the surrounding landscape, inviting all to draw nearer and discover the secrets it holds. As visitors approach, they are captivated by the striking contrast of the building’s black facade, a beacon of creativity and inspiration.

Every aspect of the museum’s design has been meticulously planned, from the arrangement of exhibits to the flow of visitors through the galleries. The result is a space that is simultaneously immersive and inviting, encouraging visitors to lose themselves in the beauty and creativity that surrounds them.


Inspired by Ukrainian history, culture, and ancient traditions, the building of the House Museum serves as a clean and perfect backdrop for artworks. The design process posed challenges, such as how to accommodate approximately 3,000 ceramic vessels, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and drawings within the limited 800 square meters of space. Initially appearing almost impossible, the aim was to showcase the maximum possible. Another challenge was the creation of a museum in the suburbs while acknowledging that, as a non-profit organization, it would not generate revenue. Nevertheless, support and continual expansion of collections remain imperative. The museum must become a way of life and a wellspring of inspiration.

Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO
Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO
Image Courtesy of © MAKHNO STUDIO

Sustainability served as a guiding principle throughout the design process. The studio prioritized energy-efficient, recyclable, and recycled materials. Embracing the essence of Ukrainian heritage, traditional construction materials like clay, wood, and stained wood took center stage. Even old materials found new purpose as they were repurposed within the museum’s structure. In harmony with the modern world, contemporary, factory-produced materials were also incorporated, always with a keen eye on maintaining ecological balance.

The House Museum represents an ambitious endeavor, a place where everyone can experience Ukraine’s unique contributions to world culture, find their sense of identity, and feel at home.

Project information
Type: Museum
Location: Kyiv Region, Ukraine
Area: 800 Sq.M
Year: 2022

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