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PTT Stamp Museum by Tasar?mhane


The Tasar?mhane design and architect studio shares with us their design of the Stamp Museum project now open in Turkey's capital, Ankara. The building housing the new PTT Stamp Museum project was originally designed by Austrian architects ClemansHolzmeister for Emlak ve Eytam Bankas? in the period of Turkish Republic. 


Designed in the spirit of neoclassical architecture, the building itself remained empty and almost ruined for many years. The PTT in Turkey (post office service) has enlisted the Tasar?mhane team to help them remodel the building into a modern day museum.

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The building, which was not used for long years, is renovated by PTT and converted by tasar?mhane into a modern museum exhibiting the entire Turkish Stamp Collection. The museum with a total area of 6.500m2 and 5 floors is located at the historical center of Ankara and brought today by being converted into a live culture center.

The most important characteristic of the museum differentiating it from the other similar museums in the world is that the museum hosts a national collection of 4.404 original pieces, as well as a world stamps collection of 1.500 pieces. The story of the museum, which was launched with the motto “Collections Witnessing the History”, is fictionalized with research and development efforts and the excitement of a very large collection taken from the archives.

The museum features the Turkish Stamps Collection from the first Toughra stamps to today’s stamps and also World Stamps of 189 countries who are a member of the Universal Postal Union. In addition to all these, approximately 100 objects used in Postal and Communication services and characterized as historical artifacts, as well as several hand-drawn color and pattern samples and cachets, envelopes, portfolios and postcards classified as “philatelic materials” are being exhibited.

In the story presented under “Turkish Postal and Communication History” at the entrance floor, there are sub-headings including “History, Letters from the History, PTT in the Turkish War of Independence, Chamber of Postal Ministers, Costumes of Postal Carriers, The Story of a Stamp, 100 Years with Stamps and Philately Dictionary”. A nostalgic as well as fascinating and informative discovery experience in the history of communication is presented to the visitors thanks to all innovative exhibition techniques including visual, audio and interactive.

– from Tasar?mhane


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