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10 Tips For Keeping Your Living Room Clean and Organized

Cleaning the living room is among the most tedious household chores that can easily drive a homeowner crazy. It entails so many activities in so many places, and it is easy to overlook most of these or feel quite lazy taking up the chores. However, a homeowner can enhance their cleaning experience by practicing the below tips and ultimately keep their living room impeccable.

Installing Shelves and Cabinets

This is arguably the easiest ways to keep the living room organized. A homeowner should invest in shelves and cabinets, which will save them an invaluable time they’d otherwise spend organizing books and magazines every day. Shelves can also be used to store small equipment like iron boxes. With cabinets and closed shelves, there is ample storage for things like picture frames and books among other items that are not used on a daily basis hence saving space for other items in the living room.

Investing in a Handheld Vacuum

This is one of the tools that literally saves a homeowner’s life. Apart from being conveniently portable, a handheld vacuum can be used to clean diverse places that include windowsills, shelves, tables, carpets, and staircases. Buying a handheld vacuum essentially allows the home occupants to clean up most parts of their living room ten times faster and more efficiently.

Look Up to the Ceiling

Among the places in your living room that can potentially mortify the aesthetic value of your home is the ceiling. Its, therefore, imperative to inspect the ceiling frequently to discover what goes on there. The homeowner might be appalled to find molds and cobwebs. It is, however, not too late to get a broom and start sweeping the cobwebs off while also ensuring to destroy other insect homes that might be present in the ceiling. Unlike other places, the ceiling doesn’t require regular cleaning; depending on their area of residence, homeowners should clean it at least once a month. 

Cleaning Up the Walls

The rarest cleaning habit in housekeeping that a homeowner should adopt is wall cleaning. Many tend to forget that the walls gather a lot of dirt or dust every day. Investing in beautiful wallpapers can be a long-term solution to having a clean wall. Wall cleaning might be a bit tiresome and time consuming, which is especially true if the house is comprised of enormous walls. Therefore, a homeowner should consider hiring a professional to clean them up on their behalf.

Cases and Holders

Just like with cabinets, cases and holders can potentially make the living room spacious and tidy. Keeping all stationery in one place reduces the hassle of looking for misplaced pens and having to clean up often. If the home dweller buys cased stationery, they shouldn’t dispose of the cases but rather keep them for storage purposes. Once the homeowner or their child is done using stationery, they can simply place it in the case or holder in an organized manner.


Clean Up After Yourself

For people looking to adopt a healthy habit, cleaning is the ideal choice. Regular cleaning saves the homeowner a lot of time when performing general cleaning in their living room. They should, therefore, learn to clean up after their kids and themselves. If, for instance, a person just took a cup of coffee, they should take the cup to the sink right after and quickly clean it instead of waiting until the utensils pile up on the table. Such healthy habits ultimately render the room perpetually clean.

Freeing Up Space (Decluttering)

This should begin by looking around the living room and trying to spot five things that a person no longer needs and getting rid of them. It’s not unusual to find homeowners hoarding equipment and devices that got damaged years ago, magazines that may no longer be relevant and tatty books. If disposing of such items isn’t ideal, the homeowner should consider holding a yard sale and selling them to someone who might need them. Also, it pays to listen to whatever tips you can pick up from sites like the Veranda Interiors on decluttering your living room.

Getting Trash Cans

Purchasing a trash can for the living room is a critical step towards decluttering it. Using a trash can is an excellent way to dispose of garbage among other items that are no longer needed rather than littering the living room. However, one should ensure to empty the trash can on a daily basis to eliminate the chances of bad odor accumulating in the living room. For enhanced efficiency, the homeowner should consider having separate trash cans; one for disposing food tins and wrappers and another one for dry paper, boxes, pens and the like.

Choosing a Cleaning Day

To get a clean living room, a homeowner should consider picking a specific day when they’re often available and able to do general cleaning. If, for instance, they’re free every Saturday, they should make Saturdays their cleaning day. Thus, when Saturday comes, they are mentally prepared to organize the seats and tables, scrub the walls and ceilings as well as clean the windows and doors. Once they have performed the general cleaning, they’ll be certain that their living room will be sparkly for the next six days.


Creating a Children Play Zone

Children are notorious for dirtying the living room at record speed. They will play around, break things, drop objects, misplace important possessions and generally make cleaning a nightmare. So, how about creating them their own space, like a small area in the living room where they can play and make their messes? This will go a long way in saving the homeowner time by reducing the workload of cleaning the whole living room every time after the kids.

The importance of keeping the living room clean and tidy cannot be overemphasized, which includes improved indoor air quality and aesthetic appeal of a home. After implementing the above tips, having a clean and organized living room becomes one of the homeowner’s strongest points. While at it, a homeowner should consider purchasing advanced tools and appliances that take cleaning to a whole new level in addition to adopting good cleaning habits.

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