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Central Park West Penthouse by Décor Aid

Décor Aid

Award-winning design practice Décor Aid has worked on a renovation of the penthouse that boasts a stunning view of Central Park West.

The jet-setting international couple reached out to Décor Aid to renovate their new penthouse that boasts a stunning view of Central Park West. After facing frustration trying to redecorate the space themselves, they asked for assistance in taking it to the next level. As this couple owns several homes already, they decided they wanted this Central Park West apartment to act as their main residence, and wanted to incorporate meaningful pieces to this space in particular, like their extensive art collection. The Décor Aid designers aimed to correct the issues the clients had with the space, one of the foremost being no clear distinction between a space housing both a living room and formal room. The designer chose to use a large sectional couch to create a separation, and include more casual pieces like a television in the living room. The clients had an incredible collection of art from both Latin America and Africa that they wanted to spread throughout the home for consistency, so the designer used those pieces as base elements for the color scheme and aesthetic of the room, and let that guide the chosen accents. The resulting design came together to create a contemporary space of luxury, with inspiration from places and art that are near and dear to the clients. – from Décor Aid


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Images courtesy of Décor Aid

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