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Jan Henrik Jansen’s impressive Birkedal – Møn’s round house in Denmark

Jan Henrik Jansen

Architect Jan Henrik Jansen designed this stunning weekend getaway situated on the Island of Møn in Denmark. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

Jan Henrik Jansen

Jan Henrik Jansen's impressive Birkedal - Møn's round house in Denmark

Jan Henrik Jansen's impressive Birkedal - Møn's round house in Denmark

Jan Henrik Jansen’s impressive Birkedal

Located on The island of Møn , one of Denmark’s  most beautiful places, with its white chalk cliffs providing an impressive natural spectacle, birkedal is the newest house designed by architect Jan Henrik Jansen. The house is round-shaped. However, this is not the only reason why the house is not easy to “decode” at first sight. The architect has planned and built it single-handedly over a period of 5 years. Every part of this beautiful building is the materialisation of the architects’ thoughts and concepts. The house is complex, unconventional and challenging. It invites the viewer to sharpen his senses and to experience it room by room.


Nine interlinked cylindrical structures open out onto the landscape through variously sized windows, framing the scenery and entering into dialogue with the outside world. This transforms the house’s openings into a stage for a natural drama to be experienced by a contemplative audience. The protagonists – the clouds, wildlife, trees and light – engage in an ongoing peaceful but powerful interplay with the building and its occupants.

Photography by Lene K

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