Maintaining A Beautiful Home

Maintaining a beautiful home can be done in a variety of different ways. The first way is through interior design as everyone can set up their home in a way that makes him or her happy and shows off their personality. The second way to maintaining a beautiful home is a result of good cleaning habits. Ensure your home is free of dust and clutter for a comfortable environment. Going one step further, gardening can be a source of creative expression. Plants produce oxygen and thus help people breathe air that is fresh. Remember the Lorax from Dr.Seuss, as everyone should learn to care and take care of their environment. There is only one planet Earth, and the first step in taking care of it is through planting in your backyard (or front yard). Moreover, DIY your home with personalized touches and make it truly yours.

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Interior design

Interior design is an art of arranging the inside of your home. Your home’s decorating ideas do not even need to be expensive. In fact, a room is balanced very well when there are different levels of craftsmanship. This is also known as the power of high/low design. Another interior design inspiration could include combining different styles. Mix bohemian styles with minimalistic and vintage. Doing this will make the design of your place feel ‘homey.’ Mix and match colors and textures when it comes to furniture and the room itself.

Your home will evolve with you. Think about it; your childhood bedroom is different from your room as an adult. Just like your taste and style changes, so does the style of your interior design.Even older homes can be decorated in a way that fits your unique personality. Start by painting the walls and choose the right trim and door details. Use the space and layout of your home to mold it into your life (and to fit your taste and style).


A clean home is a beautiful home. Imagine you have a long day at work and you come home, only for your home to be full of clutter, dust,and stains. Chances are, this won’t do anything to improve your mood. Set a routine in your life when it comes to cleaning. Even an hour a day can help, and get into the habit of cleaning along the way. Wash the dishes once you are done with them, clean up a spill as soon as it happens, vacuum regularly and so on. The accumulation of dust can also affect your health. Thus, a clean home is the best kind of home. It will help in maintaining a healthy life,and it will improve your mood. Now, imagine you come home from work to a clean and tidy home that even smells nice (add a few candles and air fresheners for good measure). You will notice a difference in your mood when you compare coming home to a messy environment versus a clean one.


Another great way to make your home look beautiful and ‘homey’ is landscaping. Landscaping can be cost-effective, in that you can make a beautiful garden or outdoor space within your budget. For starters, always focus on the health of your plants as a number one priority. As opposed to making sure you have the right stone path, make sure your plants have enough water, enough sunlight or shade,and the necessary nutrients to grow. On the plus side of having plants, they release oxygen into the air and improve air quality as a result. Having a front or backyard with dead plants will just put a damper on your mood. Unless your role model is Count Olaf from A Series Of Unfortunate Events, take care of your plants. Moreover, focus on lighting and accents when it comes to landscaping. Setting up a series of lights can give any landscape that extra special touch. Consider solar-powered light for an environmentally friendly alternative. There are professional landscaping companies, such as High Tech, that help you obtain the vision you want.

Do it yourself decorating tips

One of the best ways of personalizing your home is with DIY accessories. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to pull it off either. There are many different DIY projects to choose from (and different skill levels).Are you more of a painter or are you into crafts? Choose what type of DIY activity you would most prefer. The next step would be to head to your local arts and crafts store to purchase some patterns and paints. From there, you can go home and paint your white lamp to be more colorful. You can even buy patterns and place them on dressers or top of your table if you feel it fits. The sky is the limit with DIY activities. The point is to have fun with it and make it you, but more on that in the next section.

Make it ‘you’

Maintaining a beautiful home means something different for everybody. While one person will put a lot of time and effort into their living room wall décor, another could have a teacup collection in a clear cupboard. Part of what makes interior design and décor so exciting is that everyone can tailor it to their personality. Paint a wall your favorite color, purchase your favorite shade of wood for furniture and include décor that makes you happy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so a beautiful home follows the same principle. Personalize your home in a way you feel is best. It is subjective to everyone.

There isn’t one answer when it comes to what a beautiful home looks like. As a result of this, tailor your home to fit your style and personality. This includes both indoors and out. Add some décor that is DIY inspired and make it ‘you.’ If there are two factors to take away that everyone should include, it’s one, keeping one’s home clean and two, having plants. These two factors contribute to an individual’s health, whereas everything else is subjective and up to each and every person’s creative opinion.

Images from Elysium by Architect Prineas – See the full story here

Newport Coast Residence by DEX Studio

Boiler House Conversion by Atelier Hoffman