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Paju Brave House by June Architects

June Architects designed this innovative private residence in Paju, South Korea, in 2015. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: Brave house in Paju was a low budget project. A tight budget means having to give up lots of things, but the architects worked hard to make sure the design possessed the minimum level of dignity called for by a house, using unifying proportions that brought together the whole and the detailed parts.

In this house, shared by seven occupants – parents, their two sons, and daughters-in-law, and the eldest son’s mother-in-law, it was important to create both communal space for the extended family to enjoy together and the individual space offering personal privacy, all while staying within the bounds of a low budget.

Creating beauty at a low cost can be achieved by making good use of appropriate senses of proportion, space, and light. The architects worked hard to find the right proportions in terms of overall mass, windows, and the heights and widths of each space. Various spatial sensations inside the house were created, despite its simple form.

Different ceiling heights and forms for shared and private spaces were made. For example, the first- and second-floor bedrooms, despite having similar floor plans, convey completely different spatial feelings according to the respective forms of their ceilings and walls. The two second-floor rooms look similar in terms of floor plan and cross-section but feel different thanks to the different positions of their windows and ceilings.

Photography by Yunsuk Shim

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