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How to Prepare Your House for Sale – 7 Home Staging Tips

7 home staging tips rounded up by ARCHISCENE editorial team:

Apartamento do Morro by HAS – Hinterland Architecture Studio
Apartamento em Gaia do atelier de arquitetura Hinterland com fotografia de arquitetura Ivo Tavares Studio

To sell your house at a profitable value, you will need to make it look perfect for all your prospective sellers; this is where the home staging process begins. Home staging refers to the process of decorating your home to make it more appealing and impressive so that your buyers will be motivated to purchase the property. According to statistical reports, a large percentage of home sellers claim that home staging significantly increases the value. Others also report that the staging process greatly helps to sell home quickly. Below is a list of 7 home staging tips that you should consider. Take a look!

1. De-Personalize Your Space

This is the most vital step in home staging as it helps potential buyers to visualize the home as their own. To accomplish this, devoid the house of any personal touches that would insinuate that it belongs to you, and not the purchaser. Make the home to have both style and appeal. Get rid of all your photos and take down all the hanging pictures on the fridge. Clear the bathroom counters from things like soaps and toothbrushes, and keep all your clothes out of sight. If you have anything that signifies religion, take them away.

Apartamento do Morro by HAS – Hinterland Architecture Studio
Apartamento em Gaia do atelier de arquitetura Hinterland com fotografia de arquitetura Ivo Tavares Studio

2. Remove the Clutter

Clutter is space consuming, yet it is the space that sells. Buyers are keen on inspecting closets to check their storage capacity. To make your home look spacious and more desirable, edit it down to the basics. Avoid crowding the closets and only keep what is necessary. Clutter may include un-seasonal clothes, most of the décors, games, papers, and anything else that will not be necessary for daily use. The lesser the clutter, the bigger the available space.

3. Make the House Sparkling Clean

When preparing to sell your house, clean it like you have never cleaned before. Make every surface to shine, from the corners, the baseboards, to the ceilings, and any other place in between. Cleanliness will suggest to the prospective buyers that the tenants take good care of the home. Clean the inside and wipe the outside of your refrigerator, dust the window blinds, mow the lawn, and any other space that needs a deep cleaning.

Apartamento do Morro by HAS – Hinterland Architecture Studio
Apartamento em Gaia do atelier de arquitetura Hinterland com fotografia de arquitetura Ivo Tavares Studio – discover the complete project.

4. Carry Out Repairs

Home staging is the best time to repair the broken windows and cracked walls. Tackle all the scratches, holes, tiny nicks, and the small impurities that may signal neglect to the probable buyers. Use an eraser pad with melamine foam and move from one room to the other, erasing the scuffs from the walls. If you need to carry out some touch-ups, do so. If you notice chipping off of the paint that had been previously applied, carry out some painting. The purpose here is still to show the buyers that there is an effort placed in maintaining the property.

5. Be Neutral

This step may be more cost- and time-intensive. However, it makes a significant difference when selling your house for a valuable price on the market. Walls with bright colors may be a great turn-off for your buyers. Therefore, when you are staging your house for sale, you can consider painting the walls neutral colors like white, taupe, or grey. Some buyers may be lovers of bright colors, while others find this distractive. To accommodate all of them and avoid being biased, make the home very neutral.

6. Focus on Fresh

It is now time to focus on some healthy and well-placed flowers and plants. These will add freshness and life into your space. Be sure that they do not clutter in one place; rather, space them. You can plant bright and lovely flowers in a large flower vase and place it at the center of the kitchen table and a potted plant at the living room’s corner. If you feel like you will not have the time to maintain these fresh plants, you can go for fake plants that will also set a similar atmosphere. Other than plants and flowers, you can as well set a freshness aspect by ensuring that there are no odors. Clear out the trash bin and install a scented plug-in in one of the rooms.

7. Rearrange the Furniture

Rearrange your furniture to make the space as walkable as possible. This will help the buyers to effortlessly navigate in between the space and visualize the furniture well. Get rid of all the oversized furniture pieces that do not match the room. Rearrange the furniture that is on the left and the right.


Staging a home enables you to sell it quickly. It does not require a lot of costs but requires you to make smart decisions that will increase the viewings. With these seven home staging tips, you can sit and wait for buyers to stop by.

GPTW Headquarters by Bibiana Menegaz

GPTW Headquarters by Bibiana Menegaz

The Preston Hollow home by Specht Architects

The Preston Hollow home by Specht Architects