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  • ENOTA Unveils Innovative Češča Vas Pool Complex in Ljubljana

    In Ljubljana, Slovenia, the newly opened Češča vas pool complex exemplifies innovative architectural design by ENOTA. Nestled within a space dominated by a recently renovated velodrome, the pool complex achieves a harmonious balance with its surroundings. ENOTA’s design philosophy centered on preserving the existing spatial relationships and avoiding unnecessary disruption. By leveraging the site’s natural […] More

  • BaF’s Taisugar Circular Village: Taiwan’s Landmark in Sustainable Living

    The Taisugar Circular Village (TCV) by BaF, in Tainan City stands as Taiwan’s pioneering residential project fully integrated with the circular economy ideology. Comprising three housing blocks, a Circular Demo House (C-House), and an Eco-House (E-House), TCV accommodates 351 rental units, an urban farm, and an eco-pond situated centrally in the courtyard. This ambitious project […] More

  • Transforming Luanda: Paulo Moreira Architectures’ Waterpoints Project

    The Luanda Waterpoints project by Paulo Moreira Architectures has brought significant improvements to three water access points on the outskirts of localthe city. This initiative, aimed at enhancing the quality of life for disadvantaged populations, demonstrates the impact of small-scale interventions and low-cost solutions. By prioritizing local labor and encouraging the reuse of materials, the […] More

  • Wasatch Range Retreat by CLB Architects

    The Wasatch Range Retreat by CLB Architects seamlessly blends into the hillside topography. This 11,800 square-foot residence, designed with strict adherence to height limits, mimics the natural landscape, presenting an almost camouflage-like effect upon first glance. Built as a vacation retreat for an energetic family, it offers immersive access to the mountain lifestyle while balancing […] More

  • Switch/bloc by MODA: Revolutionizing Urban Living in Calgary

    The Modern Office of Design + Architecture (MODA) has unveiled Switch/bloc, a pioneering residential project that reimagines urban living. Located on a typical inner-city lot without a rear lane, Switch/bloc stands out with its innovative design that addresses the unique challenges of its site. Rather than opting for a standard 4-story, double-loaded corridor building, MODA […] More

  • Pelletier de Fontenay Unveils New Pavilion at Montreal Botanical Garden

    Montreal-based architectural studio Pelletier de Fontenay has unveiled the new Botanical Garden Entrance Pavilion, a key addition to the city’s celebrated green space. This project forms part of a larger initiative, including the transformation of the Montreal Insectarium and the redesigned entrance to Parc Maisonneuve. The pavilion not only serves as a welcoming gateway for […] More

  • Justiniano Building by s_estudio

      Nestled in the heart of Nueva Córdoba, the Justiniano building stands as an example of the  rapidly growing real estate market in Córdoba. Designed by the  s_estudio, it eschews speculative trends, focusing instead on enhancing habitability through thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. Its foundation is built on reliability, distinction in design, and the superior […] More

  • Sanjay Puri Architects Present the Narsighar House

    In the arid desert region of Nokha, Rajasthan, the Narsighar house by Sanjay Puri Architects stands as an example of the enduring local architectural principles. Completed in 2024, this private residence  integrates traditional planning techniques that have been prevalent in Rajasthan for centuries. Courtyards, thick stone walls, and intricate stone ‘jali’ screens are some of […] More

  • The MG08 Project’s Flexible Living Concept

    The MG08 project by BURR Studio in Madrid presents a novel approach to the traditional private dwelling, offering a fresh perspective on residential architecture. Designed for a private owner and built on the foundation of an old storehouse, this project exemplifies a unique architectural intervention. It presents a flexible living space that can be divided […] More

  • Maison Shefford: Blending Contemporary Living with Natural Beauty

    Maison Shefford, an extraordinary residence, is the result of a collaboration between MXMA Architecture & Design and Catlin Stothers Design. This innovative project showcases the creative synergy of these two Montreal firms, blending their expertise in architecture and interior design to create a distinctive living space. Situated on Mont Shefford in the Eastern Townships, this […] More

  • Margot Krasojevic Architects Present Renewable Energy Chapel

    Margot Krasojevic Architects proudly present a groundbreaking project designed to deliver renewable energy to faith communities through a newly-designed cliffside chapel in Medjurecje, Montenegro. This innovative structure harnesses wind energy to power itself and the surrounding areas. Situated between the coastal towns of Kotor and Budva, the Thermodynamic Wind Turbine Chapel and Club combines sustainability, […] More

  • Entre Quatre Murs Transforms Healthcare Spaces

    Entre Quatre Murs presents its latest project in downtown Montreal: a plastic surgery clinic that humanizes the client experience in the medical field. This mission was brilliantly accomplished by the designers, who developed this innovative concept imbued with organic inspiration. The result is a harmonious fusion of soft shapes, contrasting materials, and a soothing color […] More

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