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  • What Sets Luxurious Kitchens Apart From Regular Ones

    What Sets Luxurious Kitchens Apart From Regular Ones

    A kitchen is not just a kitchen; there are normal ones and there are luxuriously designed kitchens. The problem is figuring out what sets these apart so that you could have a kitchen that speaks volumes. More


    Going Green – The Airports Embracing Sustainability

    Businesses are constantly adapting to more eco-friendly ways of operating, and airports are no different. With increasing pressure from governments, lobbyists and public opinion, airport transformation projects are no longer just a matter of aesthetic design and profit-making. Instead, they’re taking on a much more climate-focused approach. However, it is still important that development projects […] More

  • 3 Ways to Market Your Architecture Business Online

    3 Ways to Market Your Architecture Business Online

    When it comes to promoting your architecture firm online, there are multiple options and naturally it may be difficult to know where and how to start. In days of yore, you might have considered a printed ad in a newspaper or even glossy trade magazine. But nowadays the digital world is suitably equipped to allow […] More

  • Carving A Career In Construction And Architecture

    Carving A Career In Construction And Architecture

    Have you always been gob-smacked by the Great Pyramid of Giza, electrified by the engineering excellence of the Forth Bridge and captivated by the Chrysler Building’s gorgeous Art Deco curves? And are you fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright, mesmerised by Michelangelo and infatuated by the work of Mimar Sinan? More

  • 2020 Decorating Tips: How to Style Hardwood Floors?

    2020 Decorating Tips: How to Style Hardwood Floors?

    When it comes to interior designing, we all want to stay updated with the latest trend. But designing any interior, whether it is home or office space, is quite a challenging task. So, if this is the case, then you might also be struggling to decorate your place. Don’t worry, this happens with a lot […] More

  • How To Pack For Your Move When You Are Downsizing

    The trend towards downsized living has been slowly taking over the real estate industry in the past decade. With a huge Baby Boomer population looking for a simpler life and smaller home, combined with the desire of younger people to purchase more affordable housing, it’s no wonder that smaller or downsized homes have become such […] More

  • #DIY: How to Work with a Circular Saw

    A circular saw counts among the most dangerous pieces of equipment you can use in the home. While these devices are incredibly useful, they also have the ability to inflict life-changing injury upon those who don’t take sufficient care. If you’re taking advantage of the enforced lockdown to perform a little bit of DIY, then […] More

  • #INTERVIEW: Paulo Merlini Architects about ABIDJAN TOWER

    This time we talked with PAULO MERLINI architects about one of the most unique projects from their portfolio – Abidjan Tower. The title already catches the attention, which brings the mystical vibe. And along with that an even more impressive view appears after looking at the conceptual 3D views. The rhythm, movement of the shape comes together in […] More

  • Exterior-Interior Design Great Ways to Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

    Exterior-Interior Design: Great Ways to Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

    When it comes to home decor, it’s been said that everything has its place. Typically, when people say that, they mean that dirty clothes need to go in the dirty clothes hamper, Trash needs to go in the trash can, and food needs to go in the refrigerator or be put away in the pantry, […] More

  • Drainage Design for Commercial and Residential Landscape Design

    While you may not associate drainage with the concept of aesthetically pleasing design, there are numerous instances in which you need to combine form and function when installing commercial drainage designs. Historically, it has been difficult to strike this balance, but this is gradually changing thanks to concepts like Slot Drainage. This provides an eye-catching […] More

  • Essential Elements to Include When Designing a Bathroom

    When you initially start planning your bathroom, you may be slightly daunted by the task. It’s one of the most practical rooms in the house, and there is a lot you need to get sorted. Before you start stressing out too much, remember, the bathroom you’re designing is for you. You do what’s right for […] More

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