Home in Amsterdam by Studio Modijefsky

Studio Modijefsky designed this industrial single family home located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story below.

The transformation of an atelier into 2 apartments is the assignment which Studio Modijefsky has developed. The history of the building along with the clients’ background and their needs formed the foundations of the design concept. A former sewing factory and artist atelier, the building offers plenty of natural light, outside space, high ceilings and an open plan. Raw materials such as concrete and wood, fabrics and carpets together with tints of white, grey, green and metal frames are used to create different zones in the apartments, each with a unique sense of space. The space has been divided into 2 apartments using the existing columns, giving each apartment special features and optimal use of space. One with an open plan and the other with split levels. Open spaces and natural daylight along with organising different functions and private and public zones formed the layout. Apartment 1: The kitchen acts as the heart of the house with its central location and connects the dining area to the living room. Change of ceiling height divides the space while creating alternative spatial qualities in each area and a unique transition throughout the apartment. Shaping different zones with plenty of natural light and a wide range of materials, the interior is complimented with distinct details. A split level in one bedroom makes the most of the height and gives a unique identity to the room, while each bedroom has access to a bathroom. Apartment 2: With split levels and custom staircases this apartment has a playful approach to ceiling heights and zoning. Plenty of light spills in through the ceiling and brightens up the space, while the high ceiling has been used to create split levels which provide exceptional spaces. A future scenario has also been thought of; apartment 1 can be transformed form a 1-bedroom with an open plan into a 2 or 3-bedroom apartment. Apartment 2 can be either a 2 or 3- bedroom apartment depending on the need of the tenants.

Photography by Maarten Willemstein

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