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Clouds for 2014 Winter Olympics by Asadov Studio

Clouds Asadov Studio

Project: Clouds for 2014 Winter Olympics
Designed by Asadov Studio
Authors: A.Asadov, A.Poroshkin, A.Shtanjuk, А.Hrenov
Location: Sochi, Russia 
Clouds for 2014 Winter Olympics concept project is work by Asadov Studio, discover more of this design after the jump:

Clouds Asadov StudioClouds Asadov StudioClouds Asadov StudioClouds Asadov StudioClouds Asadov StudioClouds Asadov Studio

From the Architects:

We offer universal system of modules – "Clouds" which, gathering in "flight", are capable to form under covered foot spaces.

With reference to the Olympic complex in Sochi there can be some scenarios of their behavior:
– a longitudinal arrangement over foot parkway
– circular placing over the Olympic area 
– tribunes for VIP
-persons and the press in mountain ski area

Besides, there is a set of variants of Postolympic use of "clouds":
– a beach "tuchek-canopies"
– a source of a shade and a cool rain
– an overlapping of city streets for festivals with elements of "media show" on the bottom surface of "cloud"

Also "clouds" have variety of accompanying functions directly onboard — from a walking promenade to minicafe, spa-center, minihotel or even mobile loft.

"The cloud" design consists of the easy aluminum skeleton fitted by a membrane fabric, divided into a number of compartments. Rigid connections between "clouds" stabilize their vertical movings and give stability to all structure. Lifting on "transcendental" height is carried out by means of the platforms-boats available on each module and moving on cables tense from the earth by means of an electric crab.

"Clouds" actively cooperate with environment: set of rain funnels accumulate a moisture in the bottom part which then can "drop out" like a rain or even to be an alternative source of a firefighting. The solar elements integrated into the top layer of a cover, develop the necessary electric power for life-support, and also illumination in the evening. Besides, there is a separate type of "cloud" – the air turbine.

The similar approach to possibilities of aerostatic architecture allows though a little to come nearer to a required ideal — «life beyond the clouds»…

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