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Hydroponic Pumping Station by mode:lina

Hydroponic Pumping Station mode:lina

mode:lina architects revitalized an old pumping station in Pila, Poland shaping it into a place where you can relax and learn. Their solution won the first prize in a corresponding competition. 

From the Architects:

Why? The Concept of Revilatization.
Piła is a city famous for its extensive green spaces. In Piła there are many primary, secondary and higher level schools. Piła has a crystal, clear "tap water". The combination of health topic and water can once again promote the city and help to restore function of an old pumping station.

Hydroponic Pumping Station mode:lina

Green + Education + Pump
– Let's learn ecology from scratch.
– Let's get closer to biology in practice. 
– Let's promote an „eco”attitude through practical education from the basics, not as a fashion.

Hydroponic Pumping Station mode:linaHydroponic Pumping Station mode:lina

PIŁA – The City of Healthy, Organic Food!
"Growing your own food is one of the best things you can do for the environment "
– Michael Pollan, New York Times

Private farming of vegetables is often associated with the filled with sand rows and necessity of having own piece of ground. New Yorkers show us how to use a simple method to grow greenery on…our own window.

Welcome to the world of HYDROPONICS!
In seemningly complicated term HYDROPONICS lies simple and easy to build plant breading system,which is based on highly mineralized water circulated through PUMPS.

What will therefore hydroponic pumping station for the city be?
– A place where children can play with hydroponic farming,
– The center of science of plant and vegetables breeding,
– A field for experimentation and testing of new solutions for hydroponic systems,
– Forum for exchange of experiences and ideas for a new form of culture
– A shop with ready-made components for so called. window farming
– Plant for green parts of the city (such as the facades of vertical gardens or plants for flower beds.

Hydroponic Pumping Station mode:lina

Project: Hydroponic Pumping Station
Designed by mode:lina
Area: 420 m2 
Location: Pila, Poland

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