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Natural Material Studio Debuts ‘Between the Folds’ Installation

Bio Textile Installation Redefines Contemporary Design Landscape

Courtesy of Natural Material Studio, ‘Between the Folds’ Installation

In a display of innovation, Natural Material Studio has debuted their latest masterpiece, ‘Between the Folds‘, at the prestigious Salone del Mobile in Milan. Commissioned by Juma for Flexform, this installation captivates audiences with its towering four-meter-tall bio textile works, defining the expansive exhibition space with their milky-white frames.

Courtesy of Natural Material Studio

The creation of Giulia Mojoli, founder of Juma, ‘Between the Folds’ embodies a sense of impermanence, echoing the transient nature of our environment. Mojoli explains, “The approach to this project was to convey an idea of impermanence. Hence, the choice to create out-of-scale screens in an innovative material such as the bio textiles by Natural Material Studio, the result of a virtuous work between research, aesthetics, and environmental awareness.”

Continuing their exploration of light and materials, Natural Material Studio leverages the semi-translucent qualities of their bio textiles to breathtaking effect. The installation diffuses light, casting an ethereal glow that transforms the surrounding space into an immersive sensory experience.

Courtesy of Natural Material Studio

This ambitious project represents a milestone for Natural Material Studio, as they handcraft over 400 square meters of bio textiles during the winter months in their Copenhagen-based studio. Pushing the boundaries of bio-materials, the studio employs cutting-edge technologies and processes, redefining the notion of ‘craft’ in contemporary design.

Crafted using the studio’s proprietary casting technique, Procel, the bio textiles commissioned for Flexform are an example of Natural Material Studio’s commitment to sustainability and circular design principles. Each piece, cast by hand, showcases earthy tones and intricate patterns reminiscent of natural phenomena, further blurring the lines between art and nature.

Courtesy of Natural Material Studio


Bonnie Hvillum, founder & director of Natural Material Studio, shares her vision for the studio’s holistic approach to design, stating, “With our cross-disciplinary and systemic way of working, we aim to bring the human-nature collaboration to the forefront to set the agenda for how we believe art, technology, and science should synergize.”

Natural Material Studio, under the visionary leadership of award-winning founder Bonnie Hvillum, operates at the nexus of art, design, research, and architecture. Through their installations, commissions, and consultancy services, the studio pioneers a new era of design, one that celebrates the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature.

Courtesy of Natural Material Studio

Partnering with Juma, a communication and consultancy studio renowned for their innovative storytelling, Natural Material Studio’s latest installation at Salone del Mobile reaffirms their commitment to pushing the boundaries of design. 

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