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David Lynch’s ‘Thinking Rooms’ Transform Salone del Mobile

Step into a World of Reflection and Connection with Lynch’s Immersive Installation

Courtesy of Salone del Mobile

Renowned for his mysterious films that explore the depths of the mind, David Lynch has contributed his unique vision to the 62nd Salone del Mobile Milano. Through his immersive work “Interiors by David Lynch: A Thinking Room,” viewers are given the opportunity to go on an introspective trip and establish a deeper connection with themselves.

Courtesy of Salone del Mobile

The installation, which makes use of theatrical and cinema language, consists of vacant rooms with a central armchair that may be used for writing, sketching, and painting. The chair is suspended from the ceiling by seven cylinders, and the walls are covered in carefully chosen Lynch-curated photographs that convey a feeling of mystery and reflection. A clock, a mirror, and a flowing curtain are some other accessories that improve the ambience. It is recommended that visitors spend time alone in these areas so they may become more aware of and open to the dynamic mood of the Salone del Mobile.

Courtesy of Salone del Mobile
Courtesy of Salone del Mobile

The project’s curator, Antonio Monda, highlights Lynch‘s conviction that genuine art raises more questions than it does answers. As antechambers to the fair, the Thinking Rooms allow guests to ponder their whims, desires, and anxieties before perusing the exhibits.

David Lynch by @Dean Hurley

The President of the Salone del Mobile, Maria Porro, commends Lynch for his installations’ capacity to arouse a variety of sensations and create sensory overload. In partnership with the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Lynch’s creative vision is brought to life, creating an immersive and emotive experience that invites viewers to consider, contemplate, and establish a connection with the places they occupy.


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