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  • Competition Entry the Helsinki Library by d INKOFF Architects & Engineers Inc.

    Project: BIBLIO-Centrum – Competition Entry The Helsinki Library Designed by d INKOFF Architects & Engineers Inc. Credits: Tino Dinkoff, Rick Sholl, Gary Gerber, Stanislav  Hristov, Manuel Quevedo Consultants: Solar Engineers: Sun Light & Power Co., Berkeley, CA,USA Technical: Langdon Wilson Architects, Los Angeles, CA, USA Client: City of Helsinki, Public Works Department Location: Helsinki, Finland Website: d INKOFF Architects & Engineers Inc. share with us their […] More

  • Spiretec Urban Plaza by Dinkoff Architects & Engineers

    Project: “FIBER-GRASS" Spiretec Urban Plaza Designed by Dinkoff Architects & Engineers Inc. Credits: Tino Dinkoff- Design Principal, Ben Wu- Project Director, Stanislav  Hristov- Visualizations, Saeko Harada- job captain, Manuel Quevedo, Fayez Mazid Client: SPIRE World, New Delhi,Delhi, India Area: 62 750 sqm Location: Greater Noida, Delhi, India Website: Dinkoff Architects & Engineers are sharing with us their design for the FIBER-GRASS Spiretec Urban Plaza in […] More

  • Disaster Prevention & Education Center by Tino A. Dinkoff

    Project: Disaster Prevention & Education Center Designed by Dinkoff Architects Credits: Tino Dinkoff- Design Principal, Ben Wu- Project Director, Stanislav  Hristov- Visualizations Client: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Lot Size: 27 000 sqm Buildable Area: 9 450 sqm Location: Istanbul, Turkey  Website: Competition entry from Dinkoff Architects created for the much buzzed Disaster Prevention & Education Center project design. More