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These Are The Iconic Design Lamps You Need To Know About

Design Lamps are a true investment pieces, not only are good design lamps timeless their prices are also here to stay:

Photo courtesy of ©Flos

Light design can make or break the interior of your apartment, and helping you do so are design lamps. In the recent years, perhaps thanks to various architecture Instagram inspiration pages, we are seeing a massive come back of legendary design lamps. All of these lamp designs are more than fifty years old looking yet ready to look modern and cool ready for contemporary interior design. 

Today, these iconic lamp designs are true investment pieces, while each can cost you several hundred to over a thousand dollars, if well preserved their prices are never dropping and thus these are true investment pieces of contemporary design. 

ARCHISCENE Interior Design Editors round up five iconic design lamps you need to know about, and perhaps own: 

AM1N designed from Franco Albini for NEMO

AM1N is a simple table lamp with chromed metal structure, onion shaped diffuser shaped in opal white glass. The lamp comes with a dimmer attached to the cable. 

This timeless lamp was designed in 1969 by Italian architect Franco Albini, Franca Helg, Antonio Piva and Marco Albini. The lamp was directly inspired by the timeless style of Bauhaus. 

Approximate Pricing: 1200USD

1953 Lamp by Ostuni and Forti for OLUCE

The lamp is to this days one of the instantly recognizable lighting designed from light manufacturer Oluce. Created in 1953 the latest re-edition was dropped in 2019. This timeless model is work of 

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