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LAHO House by Brahma-Architects

LAHO House by Brahma-Architects

Brahma Architects designed LAHO House in Hofit, Israel. The firm was founded by architect Eran Shemesh in 2006 and is located in Hadasah Neurim, Israel. Take a look at the complete story below.

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At the onset of this project, when we asked the clients what type of house they were interested in, they replied “a simple house, like a lifeguard tower”. We designed a one story house spread across a corner lot. Two layers of exposed concrete comprise floor and ceiling with white stucco walls enveloping the house. Sliding the upper plane forward allowed for light penetration at the core of the house as well as air circulation. Between the two layers lies a rectangular tube, separating while connecting inside form out. This unique space houses an entry corridor and art studio.

The house is divided in a non traditional manner. In place of public vs. private spaces we divided the house by daily functions. Daytime space: kitchen, living room, porch and garden. Nighttime space: children’s bedrooms surrounding a family space, family bath, master bedroom and studio.

Photography by Sharon Tzarfati

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