5 Ways Light Brings Life Into Your Home

Light can be used in so many different ways and to varying effects, and adding more light to a space can bring so much life. A strategically placed window or lamp can have a dramatic effect on a gloomy corner, and a screen can cast interesting shadows. However, before even thinking of fittings and decoration, while building a home it’s important to think of where the light will be falling at what times. This way you can design accordingly, and take full advantage of this natural phenomenon.

There are many ways to brighten up the feel of a room using light, and here we’ll tell you the ways that this can happen:

Living and breathing plants

The lighter your home is, the more plants you can have since they live off the stuff. Without light, your ability to successfully raise plants is reduced. This said, the addition of flora to a home immediately adds energy and beauty. Of course, if you are adding windows or removing walls, you may not be thinking about the plants that could benefit from more light, but it is good to think about these things. This is particularly true if you the space will be benefiting from more direct sunlight – in this case you could consider adding architectural features which blend nature and home. For instance, moss-covered walls are very popular nowadays and make for a fantastic living addition to a light-filled common area. Plants can also be used to filter light, bringing a fresh green hue to rooms where this colour could be beneficial – for instance a living room or a dining room.

Brightness makes you happier

Living in a bright environment really makes us happy – haven’t you noticed your mood lift on sunny days? On the other hand, it can be easy to feel gloomy when the weather is overcast… We cannot all benefit from bright sunlight all of the time if the environment we live in does not permit for that, but you can consider a light-feature that glows softness into a space or an opaque light-wall for those exterior-facing places that do not have the best views but offer lots and lots of natural light. Not only will you be happier but more energized and ready to take on your daily tasks when natural light floods the rooms you use the most.

Brighten some key spots

Do you want to highlight a certain area in your home? This can be a good opportunity to install a single double glazed window, either on a wall or on a ceiling, to bring more light and draw focus on a certain spot in your home. This can take some time, considering how the light moves in your home, what it is you want to highlight and why. Perhaps you’ve noticed it gets dark in the dining area around dinner time, and you want to have a little more light at that moment. You could try adding a light tube that goes from your roof to your ceiling, targeting light to one particular area.

Play with it!

There are so many ways that you can play with light within your home to produce a variety of effects. Using screens that are either opaque, see-through or cast interesting shadows is a great way to do to this. Thinking about how to shine light at particular areas for accented tones, focusing attention on one particular area and producing optical effects is a big part of interior design, so think about these possibilities before making any changes. You can also look into different light fixtures that can compliment, contrast or highlight a space in your home. Low-hanging lights can create a cozy mood in a room while spotlights installed in the ceiling will brighten up a room entirely and make it lively and welcoming.

It’s all about mood

Speaking of mood, lighting can create some truly amazing effects on a room and on the people using that room every day. Creating a space that allows for streaming light and bright spots during the day – for example by installing a window on a south-facing wall – can really help us to feel more alive and awake when we use these spaces during the day. This also doesn’t keep you from creating a different kind of evening atmosphere with candles, mood lights, brighter spotlights or anything else which aligns with how you like to live when it’s dark outside. You know yourself best, and your lighting can truly reflect who you are or who you want to be, whoever and whatever that is! Playing with light is one fun dimension of interior design which is sometimes forgotten, but plays an important role in our lives. We spend a lot of time in our homes and we want them to represent who we are, and if you are a person who is vibrant and dynamic, your home should reflect that. You can do this with the tips we’ve provided here. Hopefully you’ve been inspired to do something with your light fixtures or your windows, and add a little more light into your life.

Images by Fernando Guerra – The Chiado Apartment by FALA Atelier

Apartement Trocadéro by Rodolphe Parente

Fortaleza Photography Museum by Marcus Novais Arquitetura