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10 Furniture Ideas That Can Change Your Office Experience Drastically

Looking to change up your office? ARCHISCENE Interior Design Editors prepare 10 furniture ideas bound to make your office look much better:

10 Furniture Ideas That Can Change Your Office Experience Drastically

Are you stuck wondering how gloomy your workspace looks? Maybe it’s making you procrastinate, or less productive than usual. If you’re thinking of giving your dull workspace a makeover, you’ve come to the right place. 

The right furniture choice is a must for getting a good attitude to help employees achieve productivity. Therefore, we’ll suggest 10 types of furniture today that can change your office experience drastically and make your dull job experience enjoyable and relaxing.

Since office work, in essence, is usually tedious and monotonous, and you spend a quarter of your time in it, we’ll help you think about the best kind of furniture to choose from apart from basics and boring ones.

Without further ado, let’s start!

  • Ergonomic Chairs:

Sure, every office has a desk and chair. But wouldn’t you be more productive if your eyes met a minimalistic, yet comfortable and cramp-free work zone every time you walked into your office?

An average person spends forty hours sitting at a desk per week. According to SPINE-health, sitting in the wrong chair can cause backpain. Comfort cannot be compromised in this case. Hence, the ergonomics of your chair should come with a proper headrest, backrest and the height should be adjustable.

  • Desks:

When choosing a desk, think about the kind of work you’ll be doing there. If it’s only computer work, go for a simple desk which is pleasing to the eye.

But if you have documentation related work, opt for a desk with the maximum customization. Many office furniture design companies have progressively designed desks that can boost productivity to the maximum extent.

10 Furniture Ideas That Can Change Your Office Experience Drastically

Therefore, consider checking them out – you might just find the exact desk to fit your needs!

  • Seating units

It’s essential to pick out seating units that make the ones using it feel comfortable. Elegant and sophisticated seating units help to bring out the personality of a company.

Therefore, make sure to do a little browsing before you pick out the best one to suit your needs. You can also check out 4 Simple Tips That You Must Adhere to While Selecting the Ideal Office Furniture for more ideas.

  • Modern lobby furniture

When your clients walk in, the first thing they’ll notice is a beautiful lobby. It can create a difference in the moods of your co-workers as well. Use warm tones in your furniture, make the space breathable. Make sure to check out WORKSPACE for the optimum modern workspace furniture.

Furthermore, we suggest you add a side table and magazine rack, a coffee machine, and water filters to your lobby. Make sure people can have a relaxing time there, whether it’s for a short break or for waiting.

10 Furniture Ideas That Can Change Your Office Experience Drastically

  • Carpets

Carpets can create a difference between night and day. If you come to think about it, your carpet is the pedestal of your workspace. Undoubtedly, a unique and fresh-looking rug can be great for your interior.

But, most importantly, your old carpet may shed excessive dust. Even if you own the most modern furniture, if your carpet looks twenty years old – you may have a huge issue. So definitely consider changing your carpet.

Go for a minimalist, yet comfortable one.

  • Smartboard

Why waste ink and go through the trouble of erasing your daily tasks when you can have it in a digital and more eco-friendly way? In this case, smartboards can be lifesavers.

A smartboard is everything your whiteboard is, but with lesser trouble. It also comes with a sleek design, making your office look much more modern.

You don’t have to get up from your desk and find the trouble of looking for your duster.  You can easily sit on your desk and change your to-do list, or display anything that crosses your mind.

The beginning of great ideas starts with smartboards.

10 Furniture Ideas That Can Change Your Office Experience Drastically

  • Natural lighting:

Day or night, your co-workers are busy sitting inside a room for hours. The shabby, artificial lighting can make them dull and power productivity.

According to HMC Architects, numerous studies have shown a productivity boost for the lighting. So you’ll instantly see a lift in the mood when you shift opt for natural lighting.

A beautiful set of natural lights can remove all sorts of fatigue. Therefore, don’t think twice before you shift to natural lights!

  • A hint of bright paint:

Sure, when we imagine an office, creamy dull colours come into our heads. But is it indispensable? Studies have shown that a little hint of paint can give off a jolly aura around the office.

Moreover, lifting the atmosphere of your office can boost efficiency, without a doubt. Therefore, consider going for a fresh coat of bright paint here and there.

10 Furniture Ideas That Can Change Your Office Experience Drastically

  • Decor

It’s highly recommended that you add abstract paintings here and there in your workspace. Doing this can modernize your office to heaps. Besides, who likes having boring walls?

With the help of some décor, you can revamp your old furniture, too. A mediocre workspace can end up looking classy with the vibe of some beautiful decorations.

A little greenery here and there can change the outlook of your office drastically. The health benefits that come with putting plants randomly around the office are enormous, too.

Moreover, showcasing lively plants can create a statement about supporting eco-friendliness for your workspace.

You can add paintings, various lamps, themed calendars, and so on. Thus, don’t be afraid to use your creativity with it! You can check out Accurate Offices by VItale for more inspiration.

  • Technology

This is an era of technology. The more you can utilize it, the better. Many offices are abandoning the usage of paper as much they can vouch for eco-friendliness.

You can throw in a few tablets instead of having boring old magazines in the waiting area. You can also have a flat-screen in the lounge, where your co-workers can come to unwind a little.

If possible, shift from your years-old box PCs to sleek, and modern laptops. This can give your office a whole new look while increasing the work rate as well.


Merely a tiny integration of these pointers into your office room can make your office adapt and develop into a modern company. Any of these can help make your office stand out to help both customers or employees while boosting productivity.

Not only will you see a mood shift around the office, but you’ll also be highly appreciated for the aesthetically pleasing changes as well. Hence, we hope our article has helped you out. Till next time, happy furniture browsing!

El Quincho, by Lalo Carrillo, CaSA and SY Architectos

El Quincho, by Lalo Carrillo, CaSA and SY Architectos

OBITOVANA 5019 by Sergey Makhno Architects & Kofta