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Goldener Pudel Restaurant by Roomcode

Goldener Pudel

Roomcode architects have designed a warm space of Goldener Pudel Restaurant located in the German city of Nuremberg. Funky, young, authentic and a breeze of „trash“ were the specifications of the client. For more images and architects' description continue after the jump:

Goldener Pudel RoomcodeGoldener PudelGoldener PudelGoldener PudelGoldener PudelGoldener PudelGoldener PudelGoldener Pudel

From the Architects:

The “Goldener Pudel” opened downtown Nuremberg, in the vicinity of the Germanic National Museum. Funky, young, authentic and a breeze of „trash“ were the specifications of the client. Loft or more intimate atmosphere – in this suspense, a contrast is found. Clear lines, a uniform and smooth surface put the idea into scene and give a modern touch. As a space defining element metal plates, in different sizes and colors, were installed. By the construction in a bow a visual and functional element was formed, which stretches the room and improves the acoustic. Furthermore, the middle seat element was put to a cozy room height, the technology was hidden behind it and the room got visually stretched. For the indoor climate the walls were covered with clay plaster, straw and grass. This is creating an exciting and lively surface, when grazing light falls over. The dark colored solid wood flooring and the comfortable seating invite visitors to stay. The restaurant presents the air of down-to-earthiness as well as open-mindedness, it shows itself sincere and authentic and welcomes the guests.

Project: Goldener Pudel Restaurant
Designed by Roomcode
Location: Nuremberg, Germany

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