Four Key Interior Design Trends for 2020

Discover four key interior design trends shaped in 2020

If you consider yourself to be an interior design connoisseur, and are always keen to be one step ahead of the latest and most innovative interior design trends, then you need to keep reading.

From the most influential colours to the key to creating the ultimate social space in 2020, the following interior designs trends will blow your creative mind.

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It’s all about texture

If you want a living space that is both inviting and inventive, then you need to focus on the texture of your interiors. Texture is often overlooked in the interior design process, but forgetting this key element could result in a room that lacks depth and cohesion.

Textures have the ability to:
• Evoke emotions and specific feelings from the moment you walk into a room
• Bring different designs together
• Encourage guests to embrace their sense of touch
• Make a monochrome room come alive

Leather and boucle are top textures for 2020,with both materials offering a warm and cozy feel that is also sophisticated and luxurious. Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture only use premium hides for their furniture, guaranteeing the highest-quality products for your home.

Utilize zoning to create a social space

If you have a large living room, then the key to creating a friendly and social space that is conducive to both social interactions and an intimate atmosphere is to have multiple sofas that are placed closely together, rather than pushed back against the walls.

You may worry that this will make the space appear smaller, but 2020 interior design is all about creating several smaller, intimate areas in the home, which are perfect for sharing a bottle of wine with a loved one or having a gossip with friends.

Again, textured sofas are in high demand, and leather, suede, and velvet are all good options.

Colors are complementary and calming

If you make only one change to the interior design of your home in 2020, make it a new shade of paint on one of your interior walls.

There is no simpler, and more cost-effective way to update your home for a new season than with a new colour of paint, and in 2020, the top colours will easily blend in and suit your current interiors, as the majority are neutral-based and calming colours.

French Vanilla – This shade is perfect for updating your bedroom and has an instantly warming effect on any space. It works well with both traditional and modern furniture, and will complement most interior design styles.

Mint – This fresh and natural shade is ideal for lovers of the great outdoors and provides a calm and relaxing vibe in any room, but it is especially effective in the living room.

Hazelnut –For beige lovers, hazelnut is the next step up. It is still a subtle and versatile shade, but indefinitely more innovative and exciting than its neutral counterpart; creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Layer up with home accessories

If you are a lover of cushions, throws, and blankets alike, then this is the 2020 interior design trend for you. Your moto here should be ‘go big or go home.’ Layer up as many different cushions, throws, and blankets as you can get your hands on; in varying neutral shades and textures in order to create consistency as well as feelings of luxuriousness.

Try to ensure that you coordinate your home interior accessories with the rest of the room’s décor to avoid the space looking cluttered and thrown together.

Whether you embrace all four of these keys trends or simply focus on the one that you think will work for your home, remember that 2020 interior design is all about creating a warm, inviting and sociable atmosphere in your home; if you follow this advice, you can’t go wrong.

Vertical City by Luca Curci Architects

Vertical City by Luca Curci Architects

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Lounge T by destilat