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9 Ways Interior Designer Can Reach New Clients

Interior Designer

Being an Interior Designer is one of the profession that is highly demanding but also well rewarding.

These are some of the strategies that an Interior Designer should pursue to land new clients:

Interior Designer

Plan your approach

To succeed in the market, learn to identify and satisfy the needs of a specific target group rather than trying to satisfy everybody. They should come up with a specific group that allows them to be flexible in their expertise. This target group is important as it will be a way of introducing your services to the market. You should direct your effort and expertise towards fully satisfying your target group. By satisfying your clients this will, in turn, be a form of marketing for your newly launched brand.

Set up a business website

Online presence is one of the best entry strategies for a Interior Designer. You can do this by creating a sharp website, so seek help from a company that excels at it. This is important as most clients would like to have a look at your previous works. As an Interior Designer you should ensure that your sharp website is set up with a well-laid gallery of previous work and pricing. Also ensure that the design of your website is easy to navigate, orderly and highly responsive. With the growing trends in online shopping, it would be wise if your website also facilitates online ordering.

Social media presence

To further improve your online presence, ensure you have a range of social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Conduct aggressive marketing across the social networks to increase followers. Keep the pages highly interactive, regularly updated and entertaining.

Quality portfolio

After identifying your target group, create a brand that leaves a lasting first impression. The portfolio should communicate your brand as a Interior Designer, your ideals, ideas creativity, what you believe in and every other unique thing that can make your brand stand-out. Also, ensure the brand is engaging, by leaving room to accommodate your customer’s ideas.

Interior Designer

Localizing business

The best strategy for you as a new Interior Designer is by first earning the trust of your clients. This is only possible if you first satisfy the local market. You should put enough effort and ensure that your brand fully satisfies your local clients before moving to the large international market.

Client testimonials

Always ensure that you offer the best in terms of service delivery. Having positive testimonials is a sure way to earn you more clients. Remember to provide a testimonial section on your different social media platform as well as websites. In case you get a negative testimonial always go the extra mile to fix the problem. Ensure that your work is of the best quality as negative experiences would affect your business market.

Use of technology

You need to keep up with the latest technology. This may be in terms of apps and shopping software. You may opt to use an app. Create an impressive app in a manner that facilitates buying via the online platform as well as is engaging enough to clients.

Customer service

Try as much as possible to offer friendly services. Offer timely and customer friendly services at all time. The customer service is the face of your business. Most clients will decide on buying your idea from the first conversation they have with you.


You may also opt for sponsorship in terms of marketing and expansion. For a new designer, you may find it hard meeting all the clients demand the reason considering a sponsorship is beneficial.

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