5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Tiny Kitchen

Having a tiny kitchen can be pretty infuriating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your culinary dreams!

5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Tiny Kitchen

Having a tiny kitchen can be pretty infuriating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your culinary dreams! Making a few small changes to the way that you use your space can mean that your kitchen is transformed from a room where you’re constantly walking into things and clearing clutter out of your way to a sleek and functional space that you genuinely enjoy being in.

Hanging Storage

If you have a small kitchen, one of the best things you can do to maximise your space is to hang up absolutely everything you can. Not only does it free up space in drawers and on counter tops, but it makes a great looking feature too. Go for a rustic look by hanging your pots and pans over your stove or even in front of your window, or utilize your counter space by adding racks and hooks to the sides and bottoms of them where you can.

Your walls are a great untapped resource for space if you know how to use them:

  • Hang up a pegboard which you can use to hang up utensil storage and pots and pans. The great thing about a peg board is that you can change how you use it over time, so it’s always serving you in the most useful way.
  • Get a magnetic knife block. Not only will it save you loads of space, but it means that you can make a display out of all of your knives, and more easily see which one will be best for the job! Much safer than rummaging around in a drawer full of sharp knives too.
  • Hooks have no end of uses! Hang your pans from them, your utensils, your towels and aprons… just put hooks wherever you can and you’ll soon fill them.
  • Small shelves are a great way to display small items that might otherwise get lost in a cupboard, or items that look good and will improve the aesthetic of the room. For example, you might use a shelf to display your herbs and spices, your cookbooks or any pretty bowls and plates you might have.

5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Tiny Kitchen

Create Counter Space

If you have a tiny kitchen, chances are that counter space is at a premium. Have a think about how you can maximise your counter space. For example, do you have any items in cupboards or on countertops that you actually don’t use that often? If so, think about moving them to the space on top of your cupboards or on top of your refrigerator.

Do you have a wide windowsill? Think about using it for storing items that won’t get discolored by the sun or negatively impacted by heat, such as jars full of utensils or stacks of plates and bowls.

Do you have any extra floor space that isn’t being used? You could invest in a small cart which you can use as shelving and also as additional counter space if you get a cart which allows you to put a countertop on it. Another way you can add counter space is by building wooden burner covers, meaning you can use the space taken up by your burners as an extra counter top when your burners aren’t in use.

Countertops can also be more fully utilized by using a shelf stacker to create another layer of storage space, and also help to keep your items more visible rather than getting lost.

If you are open to a larger scale kitchen project, you could possibly open up extra counter space by renovating your kitchen and choosing a design that maximises the space available. If you engage with a kitchen designer like Kitchen Capital you will have the benefit of a team of professionals who have worked on hundreds of kitchen designs, and are experts at getting the most out of your space.

Folding Furniture

Rather than having a table and chairs out constantly taking up loads of room, invest in a folding table and chairs. These can be folded up and put away, even hung up, when you aren’t using them so that you can dance around your kitchen without fear of stubbing your toe!

5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Tiny Kitchen

Organise Your Cupboards and Drawers

This is the key to maximising kitchen space. Make the most of the storage space that’s available to you, by using it in the most efficient way.

If you have cupboards with deep shelves, turn them into drawers so that you can easily access everything that you have stored in them. Use shelf risers in your cupboards so that you can have two layers of storage rather than one. If you have drawers, invest in some organisers so that you can fit more in them and still see everything, and you don’t have that incredibly irritating moment when your potato masher gets stuck and you can’t open the drawer!

Steal Space From Other Rooms

You don’t have to store everything for your kitchen, in your kitchen. If you have plates and glasses that are aesthetically pleasing, store them on shelving in another room and make the most of them as a decorative feature. Store appliances that you don’t use that often in a loft or garage, or better yet sell them on to someone who will use them.

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