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Yatsugatake Flying House by Kidosaki Architecture Studio

The talented creatives at Kidosaki Architecture Studio are one of the few architecture practices to have a project go viral, their design for the Yatsugatake Flying House located on a mountain slope is filling up architecture and design web pages and print magazine’s alike.  The house itself is located near the city of Nagano in Japan, serving as a lavish mountain resort.


The Flying House not only rich in its design also offers a priceless mountain landscape view. The steel supports make the best of the location, at the same enhancing the view from the location. The open floor living room features floor to ceiling views, allowing the unit to have a view of the landscape.

For more images of the house as well as a view of the interior continue below: 

Yatsugatake-Flying-House-Kidosaki-Architecture-Studio-02 Yatsugatake-Flying-House-Kidosaki-Architecture-Studio-03 Yatsugatake-Flying-House-Kidosaki-Architecture-Studio-04 Yatsugatake-Flying-House-Kidosaki-Architecture-Studio-05 Yatsugatake-Flying-House-Kidosaki-Architecture-Studio-06 Yatsugatake-Flying-House-Kidosaki-Architecture-Studio-07 Yatsugatake-Flying-House-Kidosaki-Architecture-Studio-08Yatsugatake Flying House Kidosaki Architecture Studio 09 Yatsugatake Flying House Kidosaki Architecture Studio 10 Yatsugatake Flying House Kidosaki Architecture Studio 11

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