How to Create a Beautiful Contemporary Garden

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It pays to put a bit of time and effort into creating a beautiful outdoor space. Many homeowners spend all their energy renovating and modernising the interior space, but run out of steam when it comes to the garden. This is a mistake, because you are likely to spend lots of time out there during the summer, so it needs to be a relaxing and enjoyable space. A gorgeous garden will also add value to your home, so don’t neglect it.

Low Maintenance Gardens

Low maintenance gardens are a desirable feature for many people, as not many of us have the time or the inclination to spend our Sunday’s mowing the lawn, weeding the borders, and cutting hedges. Grono artificial grass is a great choice if you want a low maintenance garden. Unlike real grass, synthetic turf requires very little maintenance once installed and it can be used in any space, no matter how awkwardly shaped.

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Layout and Light

Before you begin your garden project, you need to plan the layout carefully, taking into account any existing – and immovable – features. The best way to do this is sketch out your plans on paper. Mark up where trees and boundaries lie, and then work out some potential configurations.

If you plan on adding some hard landscaping features, such as pathways, decking or patios, use these as a starting point. Try to think in 3D. Add raised areas, such as planters, as these will create a stronger contemporary feel to the overall design.

Lighting is very important in modern garden design. This can be achieved in a variety of different ways. Solar lights are cheap and easy to install. Use spot lights to highlight special features in the garden, directional lighting for pathways and patio areas, and decorative lighting for ponds and water features. The more light you have, the easier it will be to spend time out in your garden in the evenings.

A Zen Garden

The Japanese have Zen gardens down to a fine art. Less is more in a Zen garden. Instead of a riot of colourful plants, as you might expect to see in a traditional country garden, you will colour in the form of natural stone and bark, interspersed with plants and water. If you’re bored with the look of your garden, why not try these corner sheds they really make your garden look that little bit more unique.

Use these ideas to inform your own designs. There are many different types and colours of stone paving. Mix up textures and use different materials to introduce colour into the landscape. Larger stones can create a modern aesthetic, so be creative.

99 Wood Vale

Water Features

Water looks great in a contemporary garden. Small water features are not difficult to install, but it you want the ‘wow’ factor, try building a large pond and adding some beautiful koi carp.

Subtle Colour

Look for colourful foliage instead of relying on floral displays. Different trees and shrubs bring colour to a garden at various times of the year, so plant accordingly.

Time spent creating a contemporary garden space is time well spent and once the hard work has been completed, you can enjoy your new garden.

All images from Beautiful and Luxurious Garden Room in Highgate by Folio Design

IKC Zeven Zeeën by Moke Architecten

The House of Dior Boutique in London