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  • Olgooco

    The Inside Home by Olgooco

    Suburban areas in Iran have long grappled with the issue of unauthorized development, which often overshadows urban planning. This unregulated expansion not only disrupts the serene charm of suburban gardens but also transforms these areas into apartment clusters. Against this backdrop, inflation and economic woes have prompted homeowners to capitalize on their living spaces, further […] More

  • White Trio by White on White Studio

    Nestled on one of the bustling streets of Kashan, the White Trio House, once the temporary abode of the esteemed Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehri, stands renewed. Architects from White on White Studio undertook the challenge of revamping this historical residence that had been haphazardly extended over time for profitability, leading to a cacophony of disjointed […] More

  • Afshin Khosravian and Associates

    Afshin Khosravian and Associates design Villa Hesar

    Afshin Khosravian and Associates have recently completed work on their latest residential project in Toroqbeh, Iran – Hesar Villa. The residence is located in one of Mashhad’s most weather-friendly mountainous areas, and one of its unique features is that it stretches from the peak’s summit to the river’s edge at an elevation difference of more […] More

  • Ashari Architects

    Koohsar Residential Apartment by Ashari Architects

    Ashari Architects have recently completed works on their latest residential project in Shiraz, Iran – Koohsar Residential Apartment. The apartment building is situated in close proximity to the mountain’s hillside and in front of it. A piece of the mountain scene is hidden by the building envelope, therefore the design team started a process to […] More

  • Studio Pousti

    Studio Pousti designs Residential Multi-Unit Building in Tehran

    Studio Pousti has recently completed works on its latest residential project in Tehran – VOID+. The building aims to provide an alternative to traditional habitation patterns and dense urban life, which have led to closed-off building envelopes that lack a conversation with their surroundings. VOID+, which is located on a remarkably small plot, has 10 apartments […] More

  • Inner Garden Villa designed by 123DV

    Take a Tour of Inner Garden Villa designed by 123DV

    123DV have recently completed their latest project, a 4 level 1400 m2 modern villa in Tehran, Iran. The villa is built on a mountain slope with a13 meter height difference in the northern and southern side of the plot. The highlight of the project, a fully glazed inner garden with a retractable sliding glass roof […] More

  • Zomorrod 11: Bricks on The move by Ákaran Architects

    Zomorrod 11: Bricks on The move by Ákaran Architects

    Ákaran Architects recently completed this innovative office building in Tehran, Iran. The building consists of 5 entire floors of underground Parking, A Double height commercial ground floor and 6 Floors above containing state of the art offices with a private terrace on the first floor and a private roof garden on the 6th level. Discover […] More

  • Polour Villa by Special Space Studio

    Special Space Studio designed this stunning 1000 m2 private residence located in Polour,Tehran, Iran, in 2013. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Mehrshahr Villa by Hooba Design

    Hooba Design designed this stunning 330 m2  private residence located in Karaj, Iran, in 2016. The architects aimed to design a residence with spaces that are closely engaged with the surrounding landscape, and offer an inobstructed connection between the interior and the exterior. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Magush Villa by White Cube Atelier

    White Cube Atelier designed this stunning private residence located in Maku, Iran, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

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