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V House by xamploo

xamploo designed this stunning private residence located in San Simón el Alto, Mexico, in 2018. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: Located on a plain inside the forest of San Simón el Alto, Estado de México. Casa V is designed to enjoy its surroundings. Sunlight, trees, sky and air are always present and flowing to the different spaces of the house. The user always protected from the environment can partially touch nature.

The house is divided in two main volumes, private and public, by a central garden which acts as a filter of sound between the two volumes and at the same time allows natural light into the back of the house and also grants a spectacular main entrance experience to the inside.

On the public volume the program is defined by the main services, the kitchen, dining room, living room and terrace in one big space with high ceiling. The private volume holds a program of three bedrooms in two levels. The master bedroom being at the top level.


Designed with timber and brick, the house emphasizes on the use of single spaces with mixed programs and few walls to only guarantee privacy. The public space is a huge gallery of possibilities. The user can open or close the windows to regulate temperatures and experiences to fit its commodities without ever closing up completely to nature.

In the exterior, wood is used as a skin, mixing its aesthetics to resemble different houses depending on the point of view. Due to the inclination of the terrain, from the interior the terraces loose themselves towards the trees, under this terraces plants grow to visually hold the house on a floating position. The roof with a skylight above the stairs to the master bedroom, has a gabled shaped to unite the house into one volume.

Photography by Camila Cossio

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